In addition to the animals, plants, and other items that can be interacted with, Red Dead Redemption contains many background details that contribute to the Atmosphere and realism of the game without being a factor in actual gameplay. This page covers some of the notable background details that the player will encounter during the game.


The weather in America is usually sunny but partly cloudy, but the map is so large that places like Tall Trees in the north of the map could be cold and snowy and the weather out to the west (Rio Bravo and Gaptooth Ridge) can be bright and sunny. In Mexico the weather system is quite different, a typical game week in Mexico will not have as much of a varied weather cycle as it would in America. An average day in Mexico will encompass a bright sunny day with not a cloud in sight. An almost paradise amount of sun that you would expect from a more Spanish environment. While this weather does occasionally appear in America but with no where near the same frequency as in its Mexican neighbors. Here is a list of the weather systems that could potentially spawn (list not in order):

  • Sunny with clouds
  • Dark clouds with little to no sun but no rain either
  • Raining
  • Thunderstorm
  • Snow (only in Tall Trees & North New Austin)
  • Sunny without clouds, blue sky (this is the usual weather in Mexico)

In Undead Nightmare, the atmosphere differs depending on where the player is. In a safe town, the sky is always blue and cloudy during the day. In the wilderness, the sky darkens and may also rain.


Tumbleweeds are dried up plants that are usually rolling around throughout towns and in the wilderness. If the player shoots one with a shotgun, it will break into pieces. Tumbleweeds are commonly used in films and other entertainment to show that something is boring by rolling across the ground.


Cacti are a type of plant located throughout New Austin and Nuevo Paraiso. If rammed with a stagecoach, a cactus may fall down. Shooting at an arm of the cactus with any weapon will cause it to loosen from the cactus and fall to the ground. The arm can then be moved by walking into it.


Insects can be found throughout the three provinces. They include ants, beetles, spiders, flies, butterflies, and fireflies. The player cannot interact with them at all. However, when an enemy is killed, flies will hover over the dead body for a while.


Rocks can be found throughout the three provinces. They can be used for cover or as a high point to be safe from dangerous animals. They also serve as landmarks on some of the Treasure Maps.


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