I seen you coming a little man! You think you can handle a woman like me? You either drunk, or crazy.

Bad Bessie

Bad Bessie is a minor character featured in Red Dead Revolver.


There's something wrong about a woman who carries around a horse whip, but owns no horse. Something bad, plain and pure. Everywhere Bessie goes, bad men follow, valuables go missing, and good folk die. With her talent, she could have made a killing in the Dance Halls and Saloons, but instead she's just plain killing.
Description from Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Bad Bessie was once a showgirl in the saloon in Brimstone. One day she became tired of customers making fun of her when she flubbed her whip routine, so she took the saloon's money and fled to Rogue Valley (which earned its name because of her gang's presence). Bad Bessie has a bounty of $250.


Bad Bessie is the "boss" of the mission "Rogue Valley". Red Harlow came to claim her bounty after being told of her by Sheriff Bartlett. After dispatching her gang, Red found Bessie at her hideout, along with "Sissy" Fess and a few others. Red's parting words while picking up her corpse after the battle were, "Hate to kill a lady."

Showdown Mode

The player can unlock Bad Bessie as a playable character in Showdown Mode by completing the mission "Rogue Valley" with an Excellent rating. She can also be unlocked by purchasing an item (either the Harmonica or Potbelly Stove, not yet confirmed which).

Bessie starts with the Widowmaker and has a special whip ability that uses the deadeye meter. One successful whip is enough to kill an opponent.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Bad Bessie is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 142 - 143 under the Wanted - Dead or Alive section. The pages are unlocked by unlocking her showdown character by either of the means noted above.


You're Good, but I'm bad!
Bad Bessie, when selected in Showdown Mode
I've whooped better men than you!
Bad Bessie
Don't mess with Bessie!
Bad Bessie
Stings, don't it?
Bad Bessie
Hanz used to have a girl there went by the name of Bessie. Used to do things with a whip you wouldn't believe. Bessie used to claim she'd never miss with her whip, but she often did and would get right muddled afterward and end her act early. Well it happened one too many times for Bessie's liking. She heard him laughin' at her, whipped him, stole his money, and ran off to hills, or so I heard.
Verne Wiggins, referring to Bessie's saloon days



  • Bad Bessie is mentioned in Red Dead Redemption by a group sat around a campfire, with one of the men confessing he ran from a fight with her.
  • Be careful if you are playing the game on the Xbox 360. If Bad Bessie strikes you with her whip, the game will freeze. To avoid this, shoot her from a distance and use explosives. As long as she does not touch you, the game will not freeze and gameplay can continue
  • Bad Bessie is the only female bounty in the game.
  • The game manual contains a screenshot of her highlighted in Showdown mode, where she is instead named "Betty".

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