Game Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption 2

Type Outfit accessory
Obtained by Purchase in a store (RDR1)

Available from start (RDR2)

Hides your identity so honor and fame won't change. Remove it to decrease your wanted level faster.
In-game description

The Bandana is an outfit accessory that can be found or purchased and worn in Red Dead Redemption, Red Dead Redemption 2, and Red Dead Online.


The Bandana is a cloth worn across the face that can be used by the player to conceal their identity. When worn, actions that would normally cause a change in Marston's honor, whether positive or negative, have no effect. It also prevents any rise in Marston's fame meter, so it's advisable that players remove it before the end of a mission. The bandana does not make the player free of consequences; if their crimes are reported, they still incur a bounty, which they will have to pay off or pardon.

It can be equipped or unequipped from the Satchel and the item menu and is compatible with all outfits. When the bandana is equipped, players can't purchase any drinks at the saloon.


In Redemption 1, the player can purchase the Bandana for $20 from the general store in Escalera or the tailors' shop in Thieves' Landing. The cost is reduced to $10 with high honor in Escalera or low enough honor in Thieves' Landing. When honor is very high, it will no longer be available in Thieves' Landing, but will still be available for $10 in Escalera.

In Redemption 2, it can be found in Arthur's inventory at the start of the game, and John's in the epilogue.

In Online, the bandana can be bought from any clothing outlet or the player's handheld Wheeler, Rawson and Co. Catalog.


  • John Marston's bandana is actually longer than Jack Marston's.
  • If a player puts on or takes off a bandana while crouching, holding a weapon, or while hiding behind cover, the animation of doing so is skipped in RDR1.
  • In missions, several criminals can be seen wearing bandanas.
  • In Redemption 2, equipping the bandana removes the character's neck item (neckerchief, tie, et cetera).

Bugs (RDR1)

  • Sometimes after completing the final story mission (not the final stranger mission) Jack will be wearing the bandana regardless of whether or not it has been purchased. This can be fixed by buying the bandana, equipping it and then unequipping it.
  • The bandana will sometimes disappear during cutscenes, however this is only a rendering error, and does not affect gameplay.
  • If wearing the Elegant Suit and the bandana while playing poker and you've been caught cheating, a duel will start, and after dueling, you will see Marston without the bandana, but the effects stay on, so making good actions or bad actions will not affect your fame and honor. The gloves may disappear from some outfits as well. The only way to remove the glitch is to deselect the bandana in the menu, however this will not reset the gloves.


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