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Banditos are Mexican bandits.

Red Dead Revolver

Percy said, "There were three of them wearing bandanas over their faces and all you could see was their eyes, but the SMELL! I hope they used some of that money to buy a bath!"
Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Banditos appear as enemies in various missions in Red Dead Revolver. By purchasing the Ruined Poncho, the player can unlock pages 110 - 111 of Sheriff Bartlett's Journal, which covers banditos.

Red Dead Redemption

The Banditos is a gang that operates in the Nuevo Paraiso territory in Red Dead Redemption. They occupy Fort Mercer after it was abandoned by Williamson's Gang and can sometimes be encountered in Rio Bravo because of this. The player can get the Bandito Outfit that allows him to look like them. This makes them befriend the player until they take aggressive action on them. They will still become hostile at Fort Mercer though, since Marston needs outside help to get in. The player can also get bounties in Mexico where they can bring in a wanted Bandito dead or alive. Banditos Gang members can often be found drinking in the cantina at Chuparosa and will react appropriately if Marston draws his gun.

Banditos normally wear similar clothes which include a large sombrero, a jacket, a red kerchief and a bandolier. They can be found primarily in Chuparosa and Casa Madrugada. The player can play as banditos in Multiplayer under the category Miscellaneous Mexicans.

Known Members

The following is a list of known Bandito members in Red Dead Redemption:



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