Marston wearing the bandana while robbing a bank in Red Dead Redemption

Banks are a central institution in virtually all communities of the American west at the time of the Red Dead series. Banks were used to safe-keep the wealth of the settlement they were located in. Because of this, large amounts of gold and cash were stored in the banks of the west - making them a prized goal of many outlaw groups.

Red Dead Redemption

The player may be offered randomly-generated side missions involving banks. If they choose the honorable side, Marston will be asked to retrieve a stolen bank safe, which then has to be returned to the bank. If the player chooses the dishonorable side, Marston will be able to rob banks. Either way, the reward for completing the job will be cash. The banks of Armadillo and MacFarlane's Ranch are the only banks that can be robbed without fail. Armadillo has two crackable safes and a pair of chests. The other two banks, one in Chuparosa, Nuevo Paraiso and the other in Blackwater, West Elizabeth, cannot be robbed because the doors to the vault are impassible. However, the Blackwater bank has just one safe that can be cracked. There is also a safe in Fort Mercer that can be cracked. It can be found on the first floor, to the right of the main entrance.

Robbing the Bank

The most strategic and tactical way of robbing the Bank of Armadillo is to wait until around 1 AM. Head round to the side window on the right of the building and equip the bandana. Take out any weapon and smash the window out by pressing RT (Xbox) or R2 (PS3). Climb on through, head into the safe and crack it. When the safe is close to cracking one of the digits the controller will vibrate. At this point, stop turning the dial. The money will vary inside of the safe, and can be anything from $1 to $500 or possibly more. Lassoing any witnesses and putting them on the back of the player's horse guarantees they cannot alert the authorities.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur, Bill, Lenny and Karen hit the Valentine Savings Bank in the Chapter 3 mission "Sodom? Back to Gomorrah".

During Chapter 4 Arthur, Charles Smith, and Uncle rob the Bank of Rhodes during the Special/Ultimate edition exclusive mission "High and Low Finance".

In the mission "Banking, The Old American Art", the Van der Linde gang rob the Lemoyne National Bank in an attempt to obtain enough money to escape the law overseas.

During the Epilogue, John goes to ask David Geddes about putting in a good word for him at the West Elizabeth Co-Operative Bank, with the intention of buying the land Beecher's Hope.

Red Dead Online

In "Banks Don't Rob Themselves", after stealing an armored wagon and bank official uniforms, Samson Finch instructs the protagonist and their posse to enter the Lemoyne National Bank and trick the bank manager into opening the vault in in order to steal a targeted stack of bonds.

Notable Banks


  • Sometimes, after the player cracks a safe. The safe's door closes.
  • There is a glitch that allows players to rob the back of the Blackwater bank.
  • Armadillo's bank is one of the few buildings in RDR 2 with a fully modeled interior despite being inaccessible in regular gameplay. Whether it's related to cut content is unknown.
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