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Barbarella Alcazar is a legendary bounty target featured in Red Dead Online.



Barbarella Alcazar was born circa 1866. Alcazar is an outlaw who is wanted for thievery, extortion, and murder. She was the wife of Ricardo Alcazar, described as a murderer, before his death. After which law enforcement describes her as a “Bandit Queen” and warns that she is known to travel with a group of “dangerous men.”

Events of Red Dead Online

The player has the option to track her down to Gaptooth Breach in the state of New Austin, where she may be killed or captured for a reward.


  • She was the first legendary bounty target to be featured in Red Dead Online.
  • At the beginning of the mission, Barbarella will either spawn on top of the tower above the mine entrance, in the work office, or in the building near the entrance to the mine.
  • In each place of her appearance there is a dialogue, it depends on the place of appearance.
  • The other two targets always have the same spawn locations. The first target is near of the rock on the north side of the mine. The second is located near the border of New Austin in a small section of the camp on the territory of the mine.
  • Depending on where Barbarella appears, the set of footprints that may indicate her location also changes. The other two targets always have one footprints, and they are always the same.
  • Barbarella can ride somewhere into the distance, and if the player pursues her for a long enough time, she will suddenly dismount from her horse, saying that she is tired of running and will enter into a gunfight with the player.

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Red Dead Online Legendary Bounty -1 - Barbarella Alcazar (5-Star Difficulty - Solo)