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Bastille Saloon is a location in Red Dead Redemption 2.


This fairly lavish saloon is the more upmarket of the two saloons in the city. In addition to drinks, it serves food, offers poker, a bath and a room.


At the main floor you will find the bar & the poker table. At the second floor the bathroom & rooms are located.

Foods & Drinks

Name Cost ($)
Beer 0.50
Whiskey 1.00
Lobster Bisque 3.00
Prime Rib 5.00


Bath & Room

Name Cost ($)
Bath 0.50
Rent Room 1.00


Poker can be played, starting from $5.00


  • You can find a review of this saloon on Kotaku
  • In the mission "The Joys of Civilization", Arthur Morgan will enter this saloon to find out where Angelo Bronte is.
  • When entering the saloon, Lillian Powell can be heard exclaiming that she wants a drink.
  • This is the only saloon in the game where whiskey costs $1 and not the usual $0.50; the bartender says that it’s because the whiskey is the “real stuff” from Scotland.
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