The Bastille Saloon is a saloon in Saint Denis, featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


This lavish saloon is the more popular and upmarket than its run-down and lower-class competitor in the city, Doyle's Tavern. Its patrons are generally wealthy and well-to-do; crime here is rare.

In addition to drinks and meals, it offers baths and rooms for the player to rent. It also has a poker table, which hosts a game that the player can join for a fee. Notably, Lillian Powell can be found at this saloon, making various demands.


During the mission "The Joys of Civilization", Arthur Morgan enters this saloon to enquire where Angelo Bronte. The bartender refuses to tell him and suggests that he abandons his search for Bronte, so Arthur decides to leave his saloon and find out by other means. On his way out, a customer who overheard Arthur's conversation says that he hates Bronte and hopes that Arthur succeeds in finding him.


The following meals and alcohol can be purchased in the saloon:

Item Cost ($)
Beer (Drink) $0.50
Whiskey (Drink) $1.00
Lobster Bisque (Meal) $3.00
Prime Rib (Meal) $5.00

The saloon also offers services and accommodations to the player:

Name Cost ($)
Room (Rent) $1.00
Bath $0.50
Poker (Minigame) $5.00



  • The review of this saloon can be found on Kotaku.
  • This is the only saloon in the game where whiskey costs $1 and not the usual $0.50. The bartender claims this is because the whiskey is the "real stuff" from Scotland.
  • In keeping with the French heritage of both Saint Denis and Lemoyne, the saloon is named after the Bastille fortress in Paris. The Storming of the Bastille on 14 July 1789 is considered an important event in the French Revolution, and France's national day on 14 July is commonly referred to as Bastille Day.


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