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Arthur taking a bath.

Bathing is an activity in Red Dead Redemption 2, which the player can pursue at any time, except during missions.

The bath can be taken in any settlement for 25 cents. The player can opt for a deluxe bath for an additional 50 cents where a lady will come in to assist them. The player won't have to tap the buttons to wash Arthur/John during a deluxe bath; instead, the lady will do it.

After scrubbing your body entirely, your stamina will increase.



  • Apparently, it was originally possible for John to take a bath in the Marston family's ranch, though the reason that the function was removed is still unclear. However, there is still a tub in the bathroom (Uncle's bedroom in 1911), where John can otherwise change outfits and shave.
  • After the mission "Polite Society, Valentine Style" is complete, the bathroom in the Saints Hotel will become temporarily unlocked for the player to explore.
  • If the player has not taken a bath for a while and is dirty, bystanders may sometimes comment on your hygiene. Susan Grimshaw may also force you to wash up in camp if you are constantly dirty.