You might also be looking for Battle Royale, the contest that takes place during this mission in Red Dead Revolver.

Battle Royale is a mission in Red Dead Revolver.


After killing General Diego, Red returns to Brimstone and enters the annual Battle Royale dueling contest.


Mission Objectives

To complete the mission, the player must:

Mission Details

Enter Sheriff Bartlett's office and speak to him to start the mission. Unlike previous missions, the player is given an option to accept or decline. This is because this represents the last chance for the player to freely move around Brimstone during the game. Declining the mission simply returns control to the player.

After the weapon selection screen, a cutscene shows the sheriff on a balcony, flanked by Jason and Oswald Cornet, kicking off the Battle Royale. He introduces Gabriel Navarro and Red Harlow as the first contestants.

The duel with Navarro begins and follows the normal dueling process. After Navarro is defeated, a series of still images show Jack Swift, Annie Stoakes, Billy Cougar, and Mr. Kelley defeating their opponents. Sheriff Bartlett then introduces the round between Red and Billy Cougar.

After defeating Kidd Cougar, the scene switches to the inside of the saloon and a message appears, "You have a room upstairs." The player is free to move around the saloon and talk to people there, including purchasing items from the bartender, but can not leave the saloon. Enter the last room upstairs to begin the next mission. Note that exiting the game before entering the room will require the player to repeat "Battle Royale."

Mission Dialogues

Main article: Battle Royale/dialogues

Mission Failure

The mission will fail if the player:

  • Dies.

Objectives for Excellent Rating

  • None

New Game Elements Introduced

  • None

Mission Complete Unlockables

  • None

Video Walkthrough


Battle Royale - Chapter 23 - Red Dead Revolver

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