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Bay Bolete is a fungus that can be found in Red Dead Redemption 2. Compendium

Bay Bolete can be recognized by the orange or brown cap. This singular fungi often grows in clusters and can be spotted growing in decaying tree stumps, moist ground, or among woody areas. Due to the simple condition that this plant needs to grow, it can be found across numerous regions such as Tall Trees, West Elizabeth, and Caliban's Seat, New Hanover. This edible fungi can be consumed to replenish your Health Core or crafted into Herbivore Bait.[1] Another use of this fungi is to heal your Horse's Health Core.`


It can be found in moist areas and forests like Tall Trees, West Elizabeth and Caliban's Seat.



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Used in crafting. Slightly Restores Health Core or slightly restores Horse Health Core.
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