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Bayou Nwa is a constituent region of the Lemoyne territory in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.

It contains the largest and most populated city in the entire Red Dead series, Saint Denis.



The region consists of bayous and swamps fed by Kamassa River flowing south from Roanoke Ridge, with the metropolis of Saint Denis in the east. It is bordered by the river to the west, Bluewater Marsh to the north and Lannahechee River to the east and south. It is situated on a delta between outlets of the two rivers, as such, water within the bayou is stagnant, slow moving and full of American alligators resting below and by the riversides.

The region is mostly flat and low-lying characterized by floodplains and an abundance of hardwood trees and mangroves, in particular, growing in the swamp waters. Traversing the area can be slow due to the massive deposits of silt and mud flowing from the river. To avoid this, some of the roadways are elevated on boardwalks. This keeps travelers dry and moving quickly. Despite the soggy, harsh landscape the region is quite populated with the urban conglomeration of Saint Denis extended well beyond the city proper.

Bayou Nwa is heavily reminiscent to the bayous of Louisiana, Texas, and Mississipi. Saint Denis, a former French colony, is a counterpart to the real-life New Orleans in Louisiana. The city is the most civilized and industrialized settlement throughout the five American territories. Factories, brickwork structures, and relatively modern transportation systems shape the city. Aside from the city of Saint Denis, there are numerous shacks, outhouses, and stilted structures doting the bayous, often abandoned and dilapidated.

The area is very humid and hot so breathable clothing is advisable when entering the region. In Saint Denis, the temperature is considerable; likewise, swamp fog can sometimes seep into the city. Temperatures regularly reach 90º F (32º C) during the afternoon, and storms are common.

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  • The name "Nwa" comes from the Creole pronunciation of the word noir (pronounced "n-wah"), which is the French word for "black". This is likely a reference to the large number of African Americans that reside in the region. It can also be a reference to the gloomy and misty atmosphere caracteristic of the area, especially at night.
  • Bayou Nwa, along with Bluewater Marsh, are the only territories where players can encounter the Night Folk.