Beau Gray is a supporting character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



A member of the Gray family, Beau fell in love with Penelope Braithwaite, a young woman from the rival Braithwaite family, at some point prior to 1899. At the same time, he was arranged to marry his cousin Mathilda.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur first encounters Beau when Dutch sends him to investigate Caliga Hall. After arriving, Arthur asks a stable-hand for some insight into the family's heritage, and he will refer Arthur to Beau. Beau then tells Arthur about his love for Penelope and sends him on his way, with the simple task of delivering a letter to her. After giving Penelope the letter, she shows her gratitude, before handing over a letter which she requests Arthur delivers to Beau.

After having read her letter, Beau voices his concern for the well-being and safety of his lover. In the letter, she wrote that she intended to participate in a march for the women's suffrage movement, led by Olive Calhoun. Beau then urges Arthur to accompany him to the meeting point of the rally before it is too late. After arriving at the meeting point, the two of them ask Penelope to leave with them, but she stubbornly refuses. Penelope, in order to appease Beau, has Arthur drive the carriage to protect her and the other suffragists. After the suffragists arrive at the Bank of Rhodes and Olive begins to deliver her speech, Beau is present but is confronted by his cousins Iain and Scott Gray. Arthur then escorts Beau away from Rhodes and his cousins, eventually receiving his payment from him.

The last time Beau will encounter Arthur, is when he brings Penelope to the train station so that the two can flee to Boston together. The pair reunites, and Arthur approaches the train clerk in order to buy train tickets for the pair, however, things begin to escalate when Iain and Scott appear, appear on the platform outside and confront Beau. A heated discussion then commences, followed by a brawl with Arthur against Iain and Scott, which results in Arthur knocking the two of them unconscious. Arthur then urges Beau and Penelope to board the train in order to make their escape but unfortunately, their troubles are not yet over. Penelope's cousins, unwilling to let her elope with a Gray, pursue the train on horseback. Arthur manages to fight off the attackers, and ends up driving the train due to the driver abandoning the train in the chaos. Eventually, Arthur stops the train at Riggs Station, where sends the couple on a stagecoach headed for Boston.

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Red Dead Redemption 2


  • The story of Beau and Penelope is based on Romeo and Juliet, a tragedy about two young lovers whose deaths, which in this instance is represented by their escape to Boston rather than their deaths, ultimately make their feuding families find common ground.
  • Beau and Penelope aren't the first of the Grays and Braithwaites to be romantically involved with each other, as Douglas Gray and Lucille Braithwaite also had a similar relationship, which ultimately resulted in the feud between their families.
  • "Beau" can be translated as "handsome" from French.

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