I'm a healer, you know? A Medicine man, finest Medicine in the state!
Benedict Allbright

Benedict Allbright is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Benedict Allbright is a quack Snake Oil merchant who sells his counterfeit wares to the people of New Hanover. However, his "miracle cure" contains harmful substances, which have caused numerous fatalities. Because of this, a $50 reward was offered for his capture.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2


Benedict's camp's location

Benedict Allbright is found by a campfire on a small cliff, by the bank of the Dakota River. Arthur Morgan confronts him, causing Allbright to naturally show fear and anxiousness, worrying that Arthur is a bounty hunter who is here to capture him. Arthur initially asks where he can find Allbright, but Allbright is not forthcoming. As a result, Arthur tells him that his mother is sick and that he wants to buy his miracle cure to save her. Seeing an opportunity to sell his "medicine", Allbright relaxes and happily bargains with the player. Arthur then abruptly throws the cure into the river and subsequently aims his weapon at Allbright, demanding that he surrenders.

Allbright denies Arthur's claims, before he accidentally slips and falls off the edge of the cliff. Arthur swiftly grabs him, and pulls him back up to the campsite. Knowing that he has no other option, Allbright then threatens to jump back off the cliff, and although Arthur attempts to persuade him not to, Allbright leaps off the cliff. In doing so, he falls into the river below and gets swept away by the current, resulting in Arthur's pursuit. Further down the river, Arthur manages to apprehend Allbright via use of the lasso, and places him on the back of his horse.

Once returned to the sheriff's office in Valentine, the player receives the promised $50 reward for Allbright's capture.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • If Benedict is looted after being captured, Arthur will receive a bottle of miracle cure. Ironically, it is perfectly safe for him to consume.
  • If the player returns to the sheriff's office after the mission, Allbright will be sitting in his cell, and will sometimes curse the player for capturing him.
  • Allbright is never hanged for his crimes by Sheriff Malloy; even in 1907, he is still imprisoned in the Valentine jail.
  • If the player goes to the red portion of the West Elizabeth's map with Allbright stowed on horseback, the whole area except Blackwater will be free to explore without any Pinkertons spawning. However, exploration into New Austin remains impossible, as the invisible sniper will still kill the player if they try to enter said territory.


  • "You saved my life!" - After Arthur Morgan catches him mid-drop and pulls him back up.
  • "Taking me in? What for!?" - After being held at gunpoint by Arthur Morgan.
  • "That's crap! I'm a healer!" - After being imformed by Arthur that his "cures" are killing people.
  • "I have to insist that this is a mistake!" - Benedict resisting being apprehended.
  • "I'm slipping! Shit!" - When being grabbed by the jacket by Arthur after attempting to drop into the river.
  • "I'd be better off jumping!"
  • "Bye, bye, friend!" - After jumping into the Dakota River.
  • "You'll remember this, partner!" - After being imprisoned by Arthur.



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