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Benjamin Lazarus is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.


Benjamin Lazarus is a magician that can be seen performing a bullet catching illusion at the Théâtre Râleur in Saint Denis. Aldridge T. Abbington mentions that he found him in an Italian village.


He starts his act by introducing himself and his assistant to the audience, before informing them of their act: that his assistant will hold him at gunpoint and he then will attempt to catch a real bullet with his teeth. However, in an attempt to prove the credibility of their act, the assistant shoots a bottle off his head before proceeding to the main act. However, parts of the audience remains skeptical about the act to which Lazarus replies by inviting a member of the audience to step forward and aim their own gun at the performer. An audience member or the player can step up, shooting at his head. Lazarus catches the bullet in his teeth, and the show ends.

In another show, Lazarus states that he returned from a trip to London and performed a handcuff escape to an audience there. Lazarus will attempt to a escape from a locked steel steamer trunk that has sharp blades inside to constrict his movement. His assistant will lock him inside and he will be able to escape from the steamer trunk.

During a different show, Lazarus decides to perform an act where he hangs himself while trying to escape a straitjacket. However, he fails to escape the jacket and his assistant tries to hold him from being choked by the rope. The player can choose to save him by shooting the rope when his assistant is holding him.


  • A spotlight will shine on the ground and the player can step forward or audience member can step forward.
  • If the player decides to aim near Lazarus's head, he will succeed in catching the bullet.
    • However, if the player decides to aim anywhere else, he will be seen crying in pain, and the curtains will close shortly thereafter.
  • Much like that of Edmund Lowry Jr., it is possible that Lazarus is an homage to that of The Incredible Kleinman from Grand Theft Auto IV, a death defying magician who practices his act in a cabaret bar, which usually goes wrong.