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Benton Manning is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Benton is a lawman ally of Edgar Ross who assists him in foiling a bank robbery by Dutch's Gang. He appears to have similar views and a similar condescending personality to Ross.


Benton is first seen during the mission "Exhuming and Other Fine Hobbies", in which he, along with Mel Thaxton, is guarding Moses Forth in Benedict Point. After Marston steals the horse of him or his comrade, he abandons his post to give chase, allowing Seth Briars to get to Moses.

Later on in the story, he reappears. Benton, under the orders of Ross, fires at Dutch's Gang from the rooftops in an attempt to foil their bank robbery along with several other Bureau agents and Marshals. Along with John Marston and Dell Hopkins, he proceeds to go into the bank itself and clear it out. He personally witnesses the confrontation between Dutch and Marston that results in the death of Muriel Scranton, and, like Ross, blames Marston for her death. He can also be found at MacFarlane's Ranch. Manning may also appear in Manzanita Post, repairing the broken wagon outside the store.

Mission Appearances


Good work. Dutch ain't down here, he's gotta be hiding upstairs somewhere. He must be in here! Marston, get the door, we got you covered.
Manning to Marston during Great Men are Not Always Wise
That was your fault Marston! You waited too long!
Benton Manning after Dutch van der Linde kills Muriel Scranton
This place is deader than a plate of bacon!
Benton Manning on how boring Benedict Point is while guarding Moses Forth
Hey there sir, can you assist a lawman for a minute?
Benton Manning calling out to the player
Will you help me take on of these criminals to the jail?
Benton Manning asking the player to return a criminal to the nearest jail
Would you stop complaining?!
Benton Manning insulting Mel Thaxton


  • His horse is called "Abraham."
  • Manning's model is not available in the lawmen section at the Outfitter.
  • Benton is partly bald. It can be seen by shooting his hat off or hogtying him.