Bernard Weaver is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Bernard is a lawman who operates in and around Blackwater.


Bernard can be found patrolling Blackwater. However, if Marston has a bounty, Bernard will track him to multiple locations around West Elizabeth.


You just lost your right to due process!
Bernard Weaver when the player is Wanted.
A bullet in the brain will slow you down.
Bernard Weaver when the player is Wanted.
Oh, God, please help me!
Bernard Weaver when injured.
I’m starting to think you’d look better with your head blown off.
Bernard Weaver when threatened.
I’ve never needed an excuse to draw down and I’m getting itchy.
Bernard Weaver when threatened.
Let me go or there will be trouble!
Bernard Weaver when hogtied.
Don’t start something with me.
Bernard Weaver when bumped.
Here’s some advice: don’t insult the law.
Bernard Weaver when insulted.
Nice to see you, Mr. Marston.
Bernard Weaver greeting a high Fame John Marston.
My daddy was one of the first men to live in these parts you know.
Bernard Weaver when conversing with others.


  • Bernard will sometimes mention that he is heading east for a friend's wedding.
  • He may be related to Milford Weaver, the bartender at the Blackwater saloon.
  • He mentions that his father wanted him to become a politician and that he might later pursue that career.


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