Beryl ain't strong, but she's a good girl.
Beryl's husband describing her

Beryl is a minor, deceased character featured in Red Dead Redemption. She is mentioned in the Stranger side-mission "American Appetites".


Nothing is known of Beryl's background. She is the wife of Jeremy Parsons in Armadillo who can be found outside the Sheriff's Office.


Marston finds Beryl's husband Jeremy outside of the Sheriff's Office in Armadillo, visibly upset. When Marston asks the man what is wrong, he explains that his wife, Beryl, went to the area around The Hanging Rock to pick mushrooms and hasn't returned. He expresses his worry that the cannibals in the hills have taken her. Afterward, Marston says he may go look for her.

When Marston does travel to the hills near The Hanging Rock in search of Beryl, he is only able to find her left shoe, hat, severed arm, and a puddle of her blood.

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