Big Bob Moorcock is a Multiplayer character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Big Bob Moorcock is one of the American Army characters that can be selected in the Outfitter. His character model is unlocked upon reaching Multiplayer Level 21.

He wears an uncommon up-turn style hat and with standard military belt, boots, pants, and shirt. He also wears gloves. The stains on his shirt indicate that he may be an alcoholic, and he is seen drinking alcohol whilst choosing characters from the outfitters.


  • "Either you've got rocks in the seat of your britches or - or you had an accident!"
  • "Looks like the West is still wild to some!"
  • "You nervous? I think I see the yellow stains!"
  • "Another year, another herd of Greenhorns!"
  • "You spyin' for Reyes?"
  • "I'll put the '"Wild" back in the West for you!"
  • "Uh-oh! Looks like the "Cowboy & Indian Show" rolled into town!"
  • "Didn't realise the circus was in town!"
  • "I think I smell one of Reyes' travel spectacles!"
  • "They got bigger mutton-flaps needin' tendin' this season?"
  • "I'm confused. You work in the sheep business, or you just part of the herd?"
  • "Uh-oh! Another fort riot."


  • He has no chevrons on his shoulder, indicating that he is a Private.
  • His last name may be a reference to an unseen character in Grand Theft Auto: Vice City Stories named George Moorcock. Moorcock is only referenced in a segment of the radio station VCPR called "Gordon Moorhead Rides Again".
  • The names "Big Bob" and "Moorcock" (More-cock) are possibly a reference to the film "Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay", in which a U.S. Army guard named "Big Bob" says to the lead characters, "I'm Big Bob. You boys ready for your cockmeat sandwich?"
  • In one of his quotes, Moorcock says "You spying for Reyes?", which may suggest that the United States of America sided with Colonel Allende in his fight against Reyes' Rebels.
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