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Big Game meat is a valuable and filling meat available in Red Dead Redemption 2.


This meat fills all cores fully after cooked and eaten. Specially seasoned variants are the Minty Big Game, Oregano Big Game and Thyme Big Game, which fill all cores and gives a gold health core, stamina core or dead eye core, respectively, for one in-game day.


This meat can be obtained from all large animals like Wolves, Cougars, Alligators, Black Bears and Grizzly Bears.


  • It is the riskiest meat to obtain and the only meat to restore all cores fully.
  • The Minty Big Game Meat is equivalent to the 5$ meals available in saloons.


  • The quickest and easiest way to acquire this meat is by hunting alligators, as they spawn in large numbers but most of them just lie still near the shores of Bayou Nwa, and only attack or fight back if the player comes too close to them.
  • Using improved arrows is advisable when hunting large gators, as one improved arrow that is correctly placed will yield a perfect skin, and it is usually easy to retrieve your arrow, since they typically end up very close to the carcass. The silent shot also helps to prevent spooking nearby gators.