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Step aside, hombre, Billy Cougar's walkin' by.

Billy Cougar, in Brimstone

Billy "Kid" Cougar is a minor character in Red Dead Revolver.


Billy "Kid" Cougar is a young competitor in the Battle Royale.


Billy can be found walking around the streets of Brimstone before the events of the Battle Royale, starting after the mission "Freak Show". He can be talked to and is very confident about his success in the Battle Royale.

Billy is scheduled to face Red just before Mr. Kelley. Billy and Red duel in the competition. Despite his boasting, he was killed by Red during the duel.

Showdown Mode

The Handkerchief unlocks Billy's character for Showdown Mode, as well as his journal page. His load-out consists of an Inquisitor.

When selected as the second player he has a mustache (perhaps artificial).


  • "Kid" Cougar was inspired by Leonardo DiCaprio's character "Kid" in the 1995 film "The Quick and the Dead."
  • According to the journal, while drunk, "Kid" Cougar may have killed off a gang leader and taken his place, possibly making him a young outlaw.
  • Billy "Kid" Cougar could also be a reference to the real American Old West Outlaw "Billy the Kid". Besides being named similarly, both are young gunslingers and fine dressers. The Handkerchief that unlocks his showdown mode character also bears the description, "It has a monogram taken out of frontier history."
  • He is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal under the Contestants in the Battle Royale section.
  • He is the youngest character in Red Dead Revolver.


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