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Binoculars are a piece of equipment in Red Dead Redemption. The binoculars were a valuable tool for any frontiersman at the time period of Red Dead Redemption. They can be used to survey and scout surrounding areas, and to spot prey and enemies. The binoculars lend themselves to almost every frontier profession. Once obtained (surprisingly late in the course of the campaign) this basic tool is carried by John Marston at all times. They are only required to be used once, in the same mission where they are obtained, and are never necessary again.


When equipped, binoculars will extend your field of vision and allow you to spot animals,enemies or places far off in the distance. These trusty field glasses can be earned by completeing the mission "At Home With Dutch". Equip them through the Kit menu in the satchel. Binoculars are exclusive to the main storyline and cannot be obtained by the player in Undead Nightmare or Multiplayer.


  • When Marston is standing up and uses the Binoculars, he takes them off the satchel and looks through them. However, if Marston is crouching or wielding a weapon, the Binoculars will have no delay between selection and actual viewing.
  • When Marston is looking through the Binoculars he cannot look directly up, down, or even move around.
  • If the player presses the start button while looking through the Binoculars, they will not be able to access the Pause Menu, instead the game will pause like if it were an animation.


  • Using the binoculars for the first time whilst riding on horseback has frozen some games but is easily fixed by selecting menu a few times and trying to change your weapon.


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