You may also be looking for Bandana, a clothing item in Red Dead Redemption, or Red Bandana, another item in Red Dead Revolver.
Black Bandana
Bandana negra
Game Red Dead Revolver
Unlock Type Showdown character,
Journal page
Unlocks Smitty
Price $500

Black Bandana is an item found in Red Dead Revolver.


The perfect way to mask your identity for a train robbery.
Store description

As with all similar items, the Black Bandana is not used in the game beyond unlocking a showdown character and journal page.

The store description refers to Smitty's habit of wearing the bandana when robbing trains, in spite of the fact that his fellow gang members call him by name, making attempts to conceal his identity pointless.



The Black Bandana can be purchased from the Shop interface at the start of the mission "End of the Line". If not purchased, it is not available subsequently during the current game.

Smitty can also be unlocked by successfully completing the mission "Range War" on Bounty Hunter Mode. If acquired this way, the Black Bandana will show as sold in the Shop interface.

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