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Black Bone Forest is a natural formation in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online in the Big Valley region of the West Elizabeth territory.


Black Bone Forest is a forest situated north of Owanjila on the western side of Big Valley, West Elizabeth. It is a great location for hunting as a large variety of animals live in these forests including Foxes, Boars, Elk, Deer, Wolves, Cougars, and Black Bears, amongst others. Furthermore, the Native Burial, a point of interest, can be found roughly in the center of the forest itself. Players must be cautious when they are in the area, as there are many dangerous animals. The player's horse is often unsettled as a result of the high predator concentration. Packs of Wolves and Bears are very common in the eastern side of the forest, on the slopes of Mount Shann. Various Snake species are also found.


  • Nearby, the Stone Hatchet can be found, but it is only available to those who completed the bounty hunter missions in Grand Theft Auto Online.
  • The Legendary Buck can be hunted in the southern part of the forest.
  • The Trapper can be found sometimes just west of the forest itself.
  • There is a random encounter in the forest, in which two men (one of them a miner) attempt to break open a safe. After they succeed, they can be killed and looted. Both men hold $25 and a Potent tonic.
  • It is possible to witness NPCs getting attacked by Bears, Wolves, or Cougars. This is often the source of distant gunshots that can be heard in the area. However, unlike other encounters involving animal attacks, there is no dialogue between the player and the NPC, should the player save said NPC. Instead, the NPC will run away on their horse and then proceeds to act like a normal NPC.