Blackwater Athletics Team Missing is one of the newspaper articles in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Members of the Blackwater Athletic Club are still missing and their friends and family are excited by the gravest fears. They were last seen leaving the north edge of town for a group athletics run and, although the most thorough search has been made for them, they cannot be found. Certain facts around their disappearance have given cause for suspicion. The affair has created a sensation in Blackwater and the surrounding community. They had departed on a run and had intended to return the same evening.

Their friends are making a diligent search and police in neighboring areas have been notified. At first, there were rumors they had been kidnapped by Indians, however this appears to be false as no tribes have engaged in theft of livestock or kidnapping in some years. The Blackwater Athletics team were training for a competitive meet next month and were expected to take top honors in fencing, wrestling, and baseball.


  • The deceased members of the athletics team, identifiable by their uniforms, can be found in a mass grave in Tall Trees just south of the second "L" in Tall Trees on the map.
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