The Blackwater Guard Dog is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption and is one of the dogs used in the Nightwatch activity.


The dog's name is unknown, but he appears to be a Siberian Husky. He is possibly an early version of a K-9 police unit, which is likely because of Blackwater's police force being the most advanced in the game.


He accompanies Marston on Nightwatch assignments in Blackwater or he will otherwise just be running around Blackwater. If the player kills the dog with a gun or melee weapon, this will result in a wanted level. However, if the player charges at the dog at full speed with a powerful horse, the dog will die but the player does not become wanted and just loses 50 honor. If lassoed, he will bite and cause damage to the player.


  • He has been trained to tell what a crime looks like, and can spot one from about a block away.
  • Criminals do not appear to notice the dog, even if he jumps at them.
  • If they do spot him, he can take up to 35 gunshots, but only a few shots from the player, and is killed instantly if it gets run over by a horse.
  • If the player is going to capture a criminal alive, they must be hogtied quickly because the dog may maul the outlaw to death otherwise.
  • After completing a Nightwatch in Blackwater, the dog will often follow the player. If the player begins to sprint, the dog will chase him/her and bark. However, he will not attack you.

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