A dollar for your future... a dollar for your fate...
Blind Man Cassidy

Blind Man Cassidy is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Blind Man Cassidy is a blind man who can be encountered throughout the world, begging for money from passers-by. The player can donate $1.00 to him, and in return he tells the player riddles that either seemingly allude to the protagonist's personality or to events in the game's story.


Cassidy is a short man with a hunched back and a cane, who can be seen wearing various outfits of ragged and worn-out clothes. The few strains of grey hair that remain on his head appear extremely dry and his beard unkempt and coarse. He carries a small metal tankard wherever he goes, in which he keeps the money donated to him.


Old Blind Man Cassidy is not "Old Crazy Man Cassidy"

Bethink yourself before taking possession of another man's horse, for not all will go willingly.

To Arthur Morgan

Make your final moments your best moments, sir. Know glory and forget about shame.

You must decide between your past and other's future, friend. Decide, for it will be too late.

That which is killing you will help you, finally to see. And see clearly friend. See and hear.

Your father is seduced by the one with the forked tongue... it's no use hoping.

Your whole life, sir. You have followed the wrong star.

Your whole life is one of regret... but it can end better than it began.

Run from the seeker, sir. Run and keep running, or help others to run.

Even when all reason is lost, and all truth has become lie, you will stand firm. For loyalty is both your saving and your curse.

To John Marston

Embrace those who love you, not the memory of those who pretended to.

They will come for you, friend. And when they do, you will not have a choice. But you have lived better than most.

Two strangers seek thee.. One from this world... perhaps one from another... One brings hatred... I'm not so sure what the other brings.


  • He is never seen walking by the player, despite traversing the vast territories.
  • Although the Blind Man is always sincere, Arthur seems to find his riddles amusing or nonsensical, saying things such as: "Er, sure. Okay, mister" or "I'm not too sure what to make of that."


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