• DarkKing84

    The new naturalist update is about studying animals, learning about them, and hunting, HUNTING. If you kill to many animals Harriet insults you and sprays you with something and you pass out and wake up somewhere, then she will refuse to do business with you for a little. But see, here's the thing, the whole update is mostly about hunting, (with the edition of legendary animals in rdo now) just wtf..

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  • XxMousyxX

    All about me

    June 9, 2020 by XxMousyxX

    Hi I'm Mousy and I'm a huge fan of red dead 1 and 2 I also am a fan of GTA V which is fun too. I am also another huge fan of Piggy on Roblox and you can find my wiki at

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  • JollyRogerOver





    After each chore you don’t want to repeat.

    Before each mission you might want to try again.         

    Autosave is made every time you sleep or die.

    Autosave is copied over every time you get DEAD.


    Do Collections/Camp Requests /Points of Interest/Easter Eggs as able

    (They do not increase Health/Stamina/Dead Eye.)

    Some needed for Trinkets/Talismans/Ancient Arrowhead

    Camp Companion Requests

    (They do not increase Health/Stamina/Dead Eye.)

    Triggered by talking with people in camp.

    Camp Poker with Pearson triggers a request.

    Camp Dominos with Tilly triggers a request.

    Expose game map as able

    Riding does this better than stagecoach, train, fast trave…

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  • JollyRogerOver



    Finding the Prey

    Locating the prey is often the most difficult part of hunting.

    Interactive Map is not as helpful as it could be.

          Google “RDR2 animal”. Some specific locations are on YouTube.

    I give some reliable locations below.

    Spawn Points

    Animals seem to spawn randomly - but Spawn Points (SP) do follow some rules.

    When triggered by Arthur’s presence a SP produces one of a certain set of animals.

    ie: A Moose SP might produce an Elk, a Moose, or Horse – male or female.

    A SP may be part of a coordinated set of SPs - a Spawn Area

    ie: only one or two of the set will spawn at one time.

    A SP spawns once, then must be reset before spawning again.

    An animal will never spawn visibly.

    But turn away, then turn bac…

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  • JollyRogerOver




    Customize your weapons ASAP.

    Barrel, sights, scope - improve aim.

    Stock, wrap – (minimally) improve wear.

    There is a trophy for fully upgrading weapons.

    Use your best weapons.

    Compare A:B on weapon wheel with same ammo.

    Make favorite weapons easily identifiable with wraps and finish.

    Clean weapons Auto Aim more accurately.

    Use Double Wield both Pistol and Revolver in loadout.

    Get Offhand Holster from Trapper or Catalogue

    after Master Hunter Challenge 1 or Herbalist Challenge 1.

    Greatly improves delay between shots.

    Doubles the amount of Explosive Ammo available.

    Use Pistol with Explosive Ammo for sudden defense.

    Practice doing this quickly/instinctively.

    (Tip: Do you know what gun L1 pulls?)

    (Tip: Learn t…

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  • JollyRogerOver





    Auto Aim  (Not to be confused with Dead Eye)

    Not available while in Dead Eye mode.

    Reticle automatically moves to target every time you

    pull L2 or

    pull R2 halfway.

    Dirty weapon degrades Auto Aim.

    Dead Eye Core sets accuracy of Auto Aim.

    Settings profoundly affect Auto Aim.

    Dueling  (Quickdraw mode)

    First encountered in The Noblest of Men, and a Woman.

    During face off

    Pull R2 (trigger) halfway till meter in bottom right of screen fills – one second?

    Then fully pull and release R2 – turns on Dead Eye – meter is running, opponent is drawing.

          R3 (joystick) to aim and R2 (again) to fire.

    You can use this method to turn on Dead Eye in some other situations.

    Dead Eye (What Dead Eye actually does at each level)

    Dead Eye …

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  • JollyRogerOver




    Routine Horse Cares maintain the Cores

    Feed 2 items every time Cores are less than full.

    Hay + Beets is good – cheap at every stable.

    Wild Carrots x2 is also good – and free.

    Store bought carrots don’t maintain Cores so well.

    Oatcakes x2 is good – not cheap.

    Horse Cares at stable are excellent.

    Fortifies both Cores for a day.

    Horse Meal is excellent – but consumes much time and resources.

    Craft it. It’s worth it.

    Before a battle might be a good time to use.

    Fortifies both Cores and Bars for a day.

    But Health Core and Bar fortified for a day – doesn’t matter much.

    Horse Ointment is good – but consumes much time and resources.

    Don’t Craft it. It’s not worth it.

    Before a battle might be a good time to use.

    Fortifies Stamin…

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  • JollyRogerOver



    Challenges Guide:

    Q: What are challenges good for?

    A: Getting Arthur’s Bars from 80% to 90% to 100%.

    Health Bar - 80% to 100%

    Complete Sharpshooter, Horsemanship, OR Weapons Expert

    Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipment

    Health Bar increased to 90%

    Complete Sharpshooter, AND Horsemanship, AND Weapons Expert

    Buy all 3 sets of reinforced equipment

    Health Ring increased to 100%

    Stamina Bar - 80% to 100%

    Complete Gambler, Bandit, OR Master Hunter

    Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipment

    Stamina Bar increased to 90%

    Complete Gambler, AND Bandit, AND Master Hunter

    Buy all 3 sets of reinforced equipment

    Stamina Ring increased to 100%

    Dead Eye Bar - 80% to 100%

    Complete Survivalist, Explorer, OR Herbalist

    Buy 1 full set of reinforced equipme…

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  • JollyRogerOver




    Health Core

    Core is Health “Reserve”.

    Full is bright white. Reinforced is yellow/gold.

    Restores Health Bar fastest when full.

    Core drains over time.

    Drains faster with Underweight/Temperature/Toxin.

    Drains quickly if Bar is used up.

    Empty Health Core is DEAD.

    Core restored by Eating, Sleeping, Bathing.

    Provisions restore Core.

    Big Game meals are ideal.

    Minty Big Game Fortifies - won’t drain for a day.

    Camp Stew is great also (not sure of the details about stew).

    Health Bar (Ring)

    Bar is immediately available Health “Supply”.

    Drains with injury (like getting shot).

    Restored by Core over time.

    Restored by Tonic.

    Tonic can Fortify - Won’t drain for a while.

    How long? mildly – moderately – greatly.

    Health …

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  • Petkoholic

    After year and a half I still love the game but there are a few things I would like to get off my chest. So without making too much of a fuss I wanted to share some of the stuff that baffles me about this game and doesn’t make much sense. Here’s a couple of interesting points:
    - Too many winter clothes when there isn’t much to do up in Grizzlies West.
    - Grizzlies West itself, it would probably be ridiculous to put a living settlement in there, but an unique horse, a gun, a Legendary Animal, a Legendary Fish and the Tucker random event simply isn’t enough content for such a big region.

    - Again not having much to do in Grizzlies East either. After changing the beta map it just feels more like a linear path with a couple of great views of New Ha…

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  • JollyRogerOver

    Arthur can become a Superman. He’ll laugh at bullet hits, never lose a fist fight, trade kicks with any horse!

    Here’s how to do it before the end of Chapter 2!

    Goals: By end of Chapter 2 get Superman Powers:

    Health Bar 90%
    Stamina Bar 90%
    Dead Eye Bar 90%
    Firepower – Optimized Loadout and Ammo
    Horse – good Speed, Stamina, and Courage
    Money – More gold than Arthur can use

    And John can follow in Arthur’s footsteps, getting Superman’s Cape:

    Health Bar 100%
    Stamina Bar 100%
    Dead Eye Bar 100%
    Legend of the East outfit.

    Learn how to keep the Cores and Bars full

    AND: Further gains - not registered on the bars –

     : can be had by buying Trinkets and Talismans, and finding the Ancient Arrowhead.

    Plan: Slog through Chapter 1, then:


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  • JollyRogerOver



    I’m a man of few words.

    I’ve been analyzing this game ad nauseum.

    I’m on my fourth playthrough; I dig up details on the internet - and verify them.

    You get the benefit of my experience. Free.  You’re welcome.

    My wisdom is presented in logical chunks in a concise outline form for quick reference.

    Table of Contents

    Arthur can be a Superman


    Arthur – Cores & Bars, Honor, and Weight

    Horse – Cores & Bars

    Loadout, Weapons and Ammo

    Aiming and Dead Eye


    General Strategies and Miscellaneous


    List of Pelts and Carcasses - work in progress

    Checklist of Herbs - work in progress

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  • Paddywoo98

    Books in RDR2

    March 30, 2020 by Paddywoo98

    So, I've decided to restart my game and with it, begin to find and transcribe as many of the books in rdr2 as I can.  Wish me luck with this project.

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  • RedDeadRebel

    Red Dead Retcon

    March 7, 2020 by RedDeadRebel


    Firstly, let me begin by saying this is my first blog, so if it seems more like a ramble than a well put together essay forgive me. Secondly, I don't hate Red Dead Redemption 2. The game, visually and in terms of gameplay, is great.To many people who's first Red Dead game was the 2nd, which appears to be more people on this website everyday, the game is a masterpiece and this is completely understandable. As a standalone experience the game is almost flawless, despite my relative disconnection from it for reasons to be discussed soon. As a fan of Red Dead Redemption since the age of 11, almost a decade ago, the game has been a passion of mine for almost half my life. For years Red Dead Re…

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  • JackiBackiBoy

    It's been almost two and a half years since I first joined this wiki, time really flies and with it comes life. I didn't start editing here because I felt forced to do it, no, I always contrivbuted when and if I felt like it. Contributing can at times feel very unappreciated and pointless at times. But looking back at it I do not regret contributing, it has allowed me to get to know people, people I see as friends. Something I am very glad about.

    However, life has to come first and under a rather long period my editing has been in an on/off state. This has inevitably resulted in other staff members having to step into my shoes at times and work harder to not let my absence affect the wiki. That being said, the work we do is in essence still…

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  • Rvb forever

    I want to preface this by saying. I love Red Dead Redemption 2. I love the story, I love the gameplay and I think it is generally an improvement on the first Red Dead Redemption. Easily one of the best games ever made.

    However, I thought it would be an interesting post to change my attitude and discuss somethings the game got wrong. So first off, i'm going to split my criticisms of the game into two sections, Story and gameplay. Each point will be what I believe to be a negative aspect of said story or gameplay. Mind you, these points are more minor gripes I have with the game as I do love the game and have no serious problems with it.

    • The total absence of John Marston's daughter. Yes it's slightly bizarre hearing about the daughter of John Ma…

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  • Frontierchris

    I was just thinking that Rockstar should give more of the online bounty targets clever nicknames like for example:

    Ambarino Joe

    Blackwater Sue

    Gaptooth Bob

    The Armadillo Kid

    Big Valley Babbs

    Snake Eyes Slim

    Manzanita Bill

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  • Kitchi Machk

    "The many miles we walked
    The many things we learned
    The building of a shrine
    Only just to burn

    May the wind be at your back
    Good fortune touch your hand
    May the cards lay out a straight
    All from your command

    That's the way it is
    That's the way it is"

    While it may not come as a huge surprise to anyone, it is with a heavy heart that I hereby announce my resignation. It has been one hell of a ride since I joined this wonderful community late last year which involved plenty of exciting tasks, caring people and interesting opportunities, in short, an experience I'll never forget nor regret. However, like so many before me, my journey has come to an end and it is time to ride into the sunset, at least for the time being.

    Last but not least, I want to expr…

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  • Young Billy Negro

    I dont think a Red Dead movie will ever be made to be honest, VG adaptions have a rep for sucking, but if it was to happen, who would you like to see play who? For me ....

    Arthur Morgan = Chris Pratt ( he would have to drop his cutesy shtick though )

    Hosea Matthews = Daniel Day Lewis

    Micah Bell = at first I was thinking Josh Holloway, but he is too handsome to be that rat, so I dont know.

    Pearson = John Goodman

    Dutch = I wanted DDL for this, but figured he may be a bit old to play Dutch as there would no doubt be gun fitghts and action in a Red Dead movie and Dutch would no doubt be at the forfront of it, thats why I changed him to Hosea

    Lenny Summers = Justice Smith / John Boyega

    Sadie Adler = Charliz Theron

    I have not thought of any more yet, s…

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  • ProudToBePizza


    July 12, 2019 by ProudToBePizza

    I started editing this wiki on November 5th 2018, and at the time of this post I have accumulated 844 edits. Not a massive amount, but more than many others. A few weeks later on November 22nd I Made a request for patroller, which was accepted, and on January 8th I requesteed and received the game of Content Moderator. 

    Unfortunately, since receiving the rank of Content Moderator I have stopped playing Red Dead Redemption 2, and have begun to forget many of the games mechanics and plot. To make up for this, I began removing categories in mass and reporting trolls, but I have slowly tired of this tedious work. My activity has collapsed, and as I have been known to advise inactive staff members to resign, I feel that I should do what I have enc…

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  • JamesTheNerdKing


    May 19, 2019 by JamesTheNerdKing

    After one year and 275 days of dedicating myself to this wiki, I must resign. I've enjoyed my time here and it's certainly taught me some lessons in how to be mature and how to be a better person.

    I am not just resigning from this wiki, but from all of Wikia. I want to devote my energy to pursuits in real life. I'd rather have a life and a job than keep this wiki running. The time I've spent on Wikia has certainly taught me a lot, and I won't be forgetting this anytime soon.

    Good luck to whoever takes my place here. As the sole administrator, I had to do a lot of work, especially at the start of my tenure as staff due to being the only regularly active staff member. Now that my time here is over, I will be reflecting on my career on this wik…

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  • NosanctuaryonIG

    The same as RDR2, but no-one dies. You have a gang full of members that you talk to at base camp, and can add members too it. (Similiar to the optional Heist members in GTA5, like Packie.) You can ride out in a group of 5 members that are our pick, and can appoint new people to new positions, like the positions in the GTA Online bikers update. There can also be a romancing system siliar to fallout between the members of your camp. I would've loved that in RDR2, getting with Sadie, Karen, Molly, Mary-Beth, or Tilly. You can still upgrade your camp until it becomes a fortress. I'll add more to this over time.

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    The corpse of Edgar Ross was found by his brother who heard the shots. Realizing that he saw the man who killed his brother, Phillip looked around, yet not a soul was within sight, aside from his brother's corpse.

    Soon, word reached Blackwater that Ross was murdered, and Phillip gave a description of the man he saw. Posters are distributed across West Elizabeth with a sketch drawing of the man, leading to a tip on a man who looks similar to the one in the sketch. Members of the Bureau Of Investigation arrive at Beecher's Hope, where they are soon confronted by a man. One of the soldiers points out the similarity of this man and the one in the poster, and confronts the man, who coldly confesses to the crime, and threatens the men. They deman…

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    With ideas forming and drafts taking their final shape, I believe I am ready to start posting blogs, involving a story idea for Jack in a Red Dead Redemption III game. While I doubt this game would actually take place, and even if it did then the story would be far from my own vision of it, I think intend to do this. It's purely for my personal entertainment and enjoyment, though it is nice if others take joy in these stories. This is also one of the ways I use my creativity, so that overtime I can improve it and increase the quality of my ideas.

    The story will probably last until whenever I decide to simply end it, so it could be anywhere from a month to a year. It depends on the length of the story and how large the posts are. I'll start …

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  • Ja219897

    Tell me the first time you found your dream horse

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    With Red Dead Redemption II released, the game has so far been a huge success, though I can't say the same for Red Dead Online, and has garnered the wiki much attention. That attention has continued and looks to continue for some time. Though a third RDR game hasn't been confirmed, and would likely take years from now to be released, that gives us plenty of time to speculate on the possibility of a third game.

    The idea that I like the most is the idea of a Jack Marston outlaw story. Following the murder of Edgar Ross in 1911, Jack's like becomes a mystery. While some fans like to think he became involved in World War I, I think he either became an outlaw, or lived on the failed ranch in Beecher's Hope and became an author. I wouldn't mind i…

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  • Wolf wrld

    For thr first time since I signed up i forgot to edit.

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  • Frontierchris

    Bounty Hunting

    February 12, 2019 by Frontierchris

    I think there should be a DLC for more bounty hunting missions in the singleplayer.  There should be bounties for certain members of the O'Driscoll Boys, the Murfree Brood (including their leader), the Laramie Gang, and the Night Folk.  There should also be bounties for other members of the Foredom Brothers besides Anthony, the Lemoyne Raiders aside from Lindsey Wofford, and for more members of the Skinner Brothers.  

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  • Wolf wrld

    rabbit matthews

    January 19, 2019 by Wolf wrld

    for ages i thought his name was rabbit matthew, i don't know why. i have just found out i was wrong, i am sorry.

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  • Wolf wrld

    Granger's hoggery

    January 19, 2019 by Wolf wrld

    i am so thankful to everyone who helped create granger's hoggery, i know it is just a minor page for a minor location but think you so much to thode who have helped

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  • Barrymk200

    I got the ultimite edition for the game but the extra treasure doesn't show up. I go to the right place but its not there. Anyone know what's up?

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  • Kitchi Machk

    The wild west was a harsh and unforgiving place where gunslingers and outlaws alike went from being actual individuals to become myths and legends – the number of people whom got the opportunity to outlive their legend along with telling their own tale was scarce, and the history of the Red Dead Wiki itself is no different. There has been an unthinkable amount of users on the Wikia throughout the ages, not to mention moderators, owners and staff members in general. However, most of them have ventured to greener pastures for one reason or another.

    Someone who gained prominence for, what seems like a lifetime ago, is our beloved administrator Ilan or Raziel Reaper (Raz) as he is more commonly known these days. After having joined the Red Dead…

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    Last year, Red Dead Wiki inducted it's first users into it's Hall of Gunslingers, and awarded the first Spawny Award. This year, another three users are being honored, with two inducted into the Hall of Gunslingers and one being the recipient of the Spawny Award. It is my privilege to announce the Hall of Gunslingers Class of 2018 to be none other than JackFrost23 and Hawbz. As for the winner of this year's Spawny Award, the 2018 Recipient of the Spawny Award is User:Blaff 60. We had a strenuous time of looking through the eligible candidates and we decided these three were the best options to receive the wiki's highest honors. With 2018's honorees determined, the task of determining 2019's recipients has begun. Happy new year from the Red…

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  • Wolf wrld


    December 30, 2018 by Wolf wrld

    i found this wiki and i love it so much

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    End of the Line

    December 7, 2018 by LS11sVaultBoy

    As my last blog post was me adopting this wiki, my final one is me leaving the wiki.

    As has been the obvious case, my activity on the wiki is far too low to warrant being a staff member, let alone one of just two Bureaucrats.

    Because of this, I am stepping down as B'crat of Red Dead Wiki.

    After starting work over a year ago my activity on Wikia in general fell like a bombshell. First I left my beloved GTA Wiki and now here. I had hoped the release of RDR2 would get me back but I love the game so much I spend more time playing it than writing about it.

    Staying active here is an unrealistic goal now.

    To all the staff, it's been great working alongside you all. I adopted the wiki with the aim of getting it back up and ship-shape in time for RDR2 a…

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  • Sammyrock0087

    Hey guys,

    I couldn't help but notice that there is a big plot hole/continuity error between the original RDR & RDR 2. In RDR 1, John mentions that he parted from Dutch's gang after they left him to die after a robbery went south in 1905, however the epilogue of RDR 2 insinuates that he's been away from the gang since it all fell apart in 1899? I can hardly imagine him going back to the gang for another 6 years after they all turned on him and Arthur like that... Anyone have an explanation? Or is this just a massive oversight by Rockstar?

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  • Bunneh3000

    There are many different types of horses to buy and tame in Red Dead Redemption 2. Check out where to find and buy the best ones!

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  • Barrymk200

    I've finished some stranger missions as Arthur. I'm now playing as John and now the missions have restarted. Is this normal or do i have a glitch?

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  • Rvb forever

    The conclusion to Arthur Morgan's character arc can end in primarily two different ways. Arthur can die attempting to steal from Dutch or he can die ensuring John Marston escapes to see his family again. Now I want to preface this by saying, I LOVE John Marston. But in the end, I went for the money. Greedy? Selfish you might think? I think not. And I'll explain why I honestly prefer the "money" ending over the other option.

    Near the end of the game, Arthur talks about needing a "vacation" to some place dry out West, like California. Because it's his best chance at surviving his terminal illness. Of course, to do this, he'll need all the money he can get. But honestly I think the money symbolizes much more. You have to think about all of thi…

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  • Wardie1993

    You know that little railway bridge to the south of Valentine, the one where you find those mangled bodies? I was just there since my Stranger encounter alert went off, I investigated and I heard someone say "Hey!", I was the only one there, there wasn't anybody else around. Could it be an easter egg of a ghost of one of the victims? Victims of murders and such are often said to haunt the place they died.

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  • Lisa1230san1230


    October 29, 2018 by Lisa1230san1230

    Yo I love your hair I just got your boobs I just want you know I don’t know how much you have a lot going in and I’m just wondering what your boobs and boobs look 👀 was a super cute hat 🎩 I was just like I was going swimming pool and I just want to go to get out but I just want to go to get out but I don’t want you going I want you and you don’t have anything for that

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  • Derpdevil

    I seriously doubt it, but anychance at all you think? 

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    Since the announcement of Red Dead Redemption II back in October 2016, GTA Series Videos have posted 17 videos to their channel involving Red Dead Redemption II, most of which analyze trailers and screenshots released by Rockstar Games. With only one month until Red Dead Redemption II is released, i'm putting up most of the videos released so far, listed in chronological order.

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  • BiggieSlamnJam85

    Hey everybody I just wanted everybody to know I have movie of all Cutscenes from the game I put into a movie check it out and tell others. Also subcribe to my YouTube channel

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    The official history page for Red Dead Wiki is up. As of the posting of this announcement, it's still a sort of draft. Overtime, it should be built up with the wiki's history. All registered users can edit it. Anonymous users can't edit the history page.

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  • Rvb forever

    I'm not sure how I feel about Uncle being a member of Dutch's gang. Firstly it wouldn't make any sense as to why Edgar Ross and the agency wouldn't hunt Uncle down during the events of the first game or why John never treats him like a former gang member and secondly I don't believe that Uncle is a memeber of the gang. It's hinted in Red Dead Redemption that John and Uncle have know each other since John's childhood. Uncle is probably a small time crook or theif that just tags along with John, Dutch and the rest of the gang. I highly doubt we'll see Uncle patricipating in train robberies or bank heists. He'll probably just act as a friend to the gang and not an active part of it.

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  • KeithTheTriangle

    I'm a big fan of Dutch, and I'm excited to see his character arc in RDR II. I imagine it will be much like Jesse James in The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford

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  • JamesTheNerdKing

    Rockstar has released the third trailer for the game, and it includes many more new details on the game and characters. We've got an idea for what it'll be like, so let's take a look at it.

    We've got more shots of Dutch's gang and other characters in the game. In the opening scene, we see the gang holding up a train. We see Dutch, Bill, Arthur, and other members. However, we can't see the blonde woman or Marston, so maybe they simply don't take part in the robbery. In other scene's, we see the blonde woman stabbing something, and Marston being held at knifepoint. We see federal agents, including a character who seem to be Edgar Ross. We can view another federal agent who could be Ross' mentor. One of the members of Dutch's gang seems to be …

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  • Rvb forever

    For the past eight years that I've been playing Red Dead Redemption, I've been stuck at 99.5% and I fear my 100% completion may be glitched. I've looked up tons of resources and nothing could point me in the proper direction of what the final 0.5% could be. But according to the 100% checklist on this wikia seen here I SHOULD have 100% in game. As my in game stats appear to line up with what is required for obtaining 100% in the game.

    For 100% the following in game stats should read

    - All 57 Story Missions completed

    - All 5 Rare Weapons obtained

    - All outfits with the exception of the Bureau Outfit (As the Bureau Outfit is unlocked after 100 %)

    - All 5 Job Locations completed

    - All Safehouses and Rental Properties Purchased

    - All 7 Gang Hideouts c…

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  • JackiBackiBoy

    Welcome cowboys and cowgirls to the first Monthly News blog on the Wiki (January)! A new edition will come out every month on the first Friday, the purpose of this blog is to every month discuss what news and events have taken place during the previous month. That includes but are not limited to; leaks, official news, speculation, analysis, etc. As part of the upcoming release of Red Dead Redemption II I will mainly focus on Red Dead Redemption II specific content. Mainly leaks and official news. The readers will also be able to join the blog by answering polls and discussing with others in the comments.

    This was the main events of January, I'll be back next month and I will try to keep the blog fresh by implementing new additions like poll…

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