• Geovane gomes
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  • Rulertoner

    Thats it!

    May 16, 2014 by Rulertoner

    To anyone who still edits this wiki and can see this I just wanna say that R* is the most fucked up game producing company I've ever known. All their games have been FUCKED. Even Mojang, Supercell EVEN the creators of Terraria r better. R* have just fucked up their games and dont give a shit about them. They have technically conned us(Dont no how to spell it) by makin us pay for their games then letting them get fucked up. They have no faith in their games OR customers. So u agree?

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  • JackFrost23

    Rockstar Games has revealed the effect that the upcoming closure of GameSpy servers will have on its library of Xbox 360 and PS3 games.

    "We want to give everyone a quick update on the actions we’re taking in light of GameSpy and GLU Mobile’s decision to shut down their backend servers this coming May 31," Rockstar writes on its support page. "While Grand Theft Auto V is unaffected, our teams are currently working to patch specific older titles to keep the transition as smooth as possible and minimize the impact to online-enabled play and your in-game experience.

    "The majority of changes will be in the form of Rockstar Games Social Club services, including stat tracking and leaderboards."

    Red Dead Redemption / RDR Game of the Year Edition / RD…

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  • Trunksfanatic123
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  • Wardie1993

    i'd love to see an RDR 2, but I wonder what the story could be, personally I'd like to one set in the modern day, say 2011/2014, you could play as Jack's great-grandson or something, for some reason I wouldn't mind seeing the difference between the RDR world of 1911/1914 and 2011/2014

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  • Marstonfan12345678

    rdr 2?

    April 4, 2014 by Marstonfan12345678

    i hear there is going to be a rdr 2. i wonder if thats true. comments pleeaz

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  • Wardie1993

    RDR multiplayer is great and all, but I'd like to see a bit more in it, i know its a pipe dream, but still i would like to see these

    OK, the mounts are great in multiplayer, but you're a bit limited as to which mounts you can get, I would like to see a few more, such as the Tobiano Pinto.

    You can turn on and off golden guns whenever you want in single player, i'd like to be able to do that in multiplayer, just because I've unlocked a golden gun doesn't mean I want to be stuck with it, I might want to use the normal-coloured version sometimes!

    I do believe R* was planning on having little train robbery "missions" in free roam, I would like to do these, they sound like a good idea, and I'd also like to be able to ride trains like in single play…

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  • Wardie1993

    I've been noticing just lately there has been quite bad lag, of course it's not on a scale like RuneScape, where the lag is so bad sometimes the game is unplayable, but RDR never used to have a lot of lag, it was only recently, in the past few days, i noticed it has been lagging, it's not so much damaging to game play, but it is visually distracting and annoying, it makes the character "stutter" whilst moving, it's all choppy and movements aren't smooth like normal.

    What is causing this? I even get it on private matches, when there's no-one else in the lobby!

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  • Wardie1993

    Or is it just me? Sure the area and time of Redemption is violent, and quite dangerous unless you watch yourself, but also beautiful, no denying it, places like Mexico, the Great Plains and along the San Luis River are beautiful for example, I would like to live in region and time, even with all the violence, robbers, wild animals etc, especially Mexico, Mexico has sun, tequila and senoritas, beautiful countryside etc, sounds like just what the doctor ordered, lol! ;)

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  • Reddead babe


    March 28, 2014 by Reddead babe

    I hate how this game multiplayer takes FOREVER to load. Yes it's amazing and worth the wait but still it seriously doesn't need to take THAT long!!!

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  • ShaunG996

    Hello,guys i am joint founder of a Red Dead Redemption posse 'Great Gunslingers' (GG) My co-founder's Wiki Profile is 'Jack Anderson' go check it out.

    My Gamertag : GG Golden

    Jack's Gamertag : GG Champion

    Message us on Xbox 360 as we may be recruiting and we will set your skills to the test !

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  • Jackanderson


    March 24, 2014 by Jackanderson

    My new gamertag will be GG CHAMPIONS

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  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness


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  • Sheogorath Daedric Prince of Madness

    I purchased the game yesterday and went to find an online session....nobody was to be found not a soul I tried searching for a new free roam multiple times but still found no one does anyone here have RDR for PS3? i'd really love to find some people to play it with.

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  • Rulertoner

    The end

    February 6, 2014 by Rulertoner

    Well guys I think we have to give up on RDR multiplayer and move on to a different game. This glitch has overrun multiplayer and maybe singleplayer(Haven't played it much recently) so RDR is gone and done for. It has been wrecked. Unless Rockstar stop being bitches then RDR is done for.

    Wat do u guys think?

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  • Haffen7

    Save Red Dead Redemption

    January 23, 2014 by Haffen7

    This page has been created to get Rockstar games to take us Gamers seriously.

    We want the game Red Dead Redemption, created by Rockstar Games immediately take the necessary actions to ensure that the game is up and running again. So we gamers who love this game can keep playing it on.

    We would therefore like to invite as many people as possible join us in this group, each of us means nothing, only together we become stronger and Rockstar will have to take us seriously and actually do something about it!

    Follow the link :

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  • Miamimimoo2002


    December 24, 2013 by Miamimimoo2002

    EEK nearly christmas guys can't wait yay! Recently been playin on RDR shooting ppl it's amazing as all ways! K that's all from today's post I'll keep u lot updated!

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  • SPARTAN 119

    I just thought I'd leave this here, just wondering what you thought about this idea: A sequel to Red Dead Redemption taking place in the 1920s/Prohibition era, starring Jack Marston. NOTICE: This is my idea, this is NOT a sequel announcement.

    Basically, I was thinking of placing it in the world map as RDR, possibly with additional areas. The game would have a number of points where the player can either get involved with the mob or become a government agent (or possibly PI). The mission structure will vary depending on the player's choices, i.e. smuggling alcohol, fighting rival gangs as a gangster or busting speakeasies and stopping cross-border smuggling as an agent. I also envision the game starting with a "tutorial level" featuring Jack…

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  • Albuquerque49

    John Marston and I had just come off Butter Bridge one day, trotting nonchalantly toward McFarlane Ranch train station. We ended up in the Twilight Zone instead. We had just passed the triangle where Red Train stops to let Blue Train pass. Red Train was about a half mile behind us, chugging up the steep hill in Mexico toward the bridge. I was waiting for it to catch up because I wanted to see whether it would do its collision thing with Blue Train which was chugging toward the other triangle over on the north side of the ranch. These collisions are rare but I had seen one recently and I was trying to re-create the circumstances that might cause another one, angry terrorist that I am. I base this on the fact that Red Train had not stopped a…

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  • SLyfoX999

    Today I was on youtube and I was watching a RDR video, and I saw the title "Red Dead Redemption alternate ending!!!" so I clicked it and when John is supposed to run through the door he runs the other way and then after a few seconds the people at the door walk away. Eventually you see the Ross guy walking out of the police station in Blackwater and *bang* a bullet goes through his head and then it ends. This could be a mod but the movements were very very fluent and looked professionally done! So if this is true reply I will eventually play through the campaign again but I don't have much time so, yeah! Thanks!

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  • MasterGok


    October 28, 2013 by MasterGok

    Well howdy ima professinal ghost hunter for rdr and i have solved 2 myths lake monster true tumbleweed haunted true 

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  • Nohomers48

    Yay Achievement

    October 21, 2013 by Nohomers48

    Never seen a wikia using Achievements before, so there you go.

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  • Schoolassnreddead

    Misogyny in RDR

    October 15, 2013 by Schoolassnreddead

    Hello Fellow Lovers of Red Read Redemption,

    Just a random comment and question for anyone who's interested or passonate on the subject; I think Red Dead Redemption is full of Misogyny and racism; do you think so too?  I'm a newb to this game and was curious what y'll think.  Thanks!!!  P.S.  I'm not a troll so don't think I am.  I'll actually respond to your posts.  Thanks!

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  • LostManInTheSunset

    Hello everybody, my name is Brad and I am 33 years old. 

    I'm in a major rut. All my life I have wondered if there is any point to life, and if there really is a God. I've seen men die, people suffer. It's all too much to take and I know that I cannot take much more. I feel like nothing is real. This world is corrupt and everybody knows it. Some people really worry, others just shrug it off.

    I know that this is a Wiki for RDR, but I really need some guidance here. Please, if there are any Christians here on this Wiki, please give me some giudance. 

    Thank you


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  • MadMikeRyan

    I would like to state right away (although I doubt anyone will believe or even ever see this) that I was the one that made the anonymous edits on the Red Harlow Trivia and the Strange Man Trivia, stating Red's age and Revolver's most likely story year, and the connection that the Strange Man from Redemption is the Angel Of Death (which I made a whole paragraph on). Also, I edited the Mo van Barr page pointing out that he was a likeness of Jim Miller, and the Dark Horse page prooving it's the same horse that was in "3:10 To Yuma" (awesome movie).

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  • Forev3rsuresh0t

    Clan joining

    September 1, 2013 by Forev3rsuresh0t

    I have a clan in red dead redemption, me and some friends are in on it.So if anybody thinks there good enough contact me on XBOX LIVE (forev3ersuresh0t).You will have a test to see how good you are will have some wars and do some gang hideouts if you are youre able to join. Thanks!!!!!! Our clan name The Rifleman....

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  • JackFrost23

    Dutch Van Der Linde awoke before the sun. After throwing off his thick blanket, the cold began setting in almost immediately. He slipped on his boots to cover his exposed feet. He lit a nearby lantern and then stepped to the opening of his tent and found that the Natives had left him not only a nice selection of local berries for breakfast, but one had managed to acquire a copy of The Blackwater Ledger for him. It was more than a few days old, but that didn’t bother Dutch, he loved to read and enjoyed current events in particular. Even if he was a little behind the times given his situation.

    He sat in a fur-lined chair the Natives had made for him, setting the plate of berries and the newspaper on the table next to the chair. He reached over …

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  • Batalla de Nuevo Paraíso

    Wow. Man.. just wow. This fella is a psychopath y'all watch what he's done! Y'all noticed what's hapenning with these pages?! Some crazy contributor dude is roaming through this wiki and is making chaos...this real madness

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  • Andrew-1993

    Red Dead Redemption Sequel:

    CHAPTER 1: Jack Marston visits Bonnie McFarlane

    Jack Marston rides from Beechers Hope one day on his Hungarian-Half Breed also known as the White Stallion. Jack is riding to MacFarlane’s Ranch. It’s now 1914, Jack is now 19 years old, he is wearing his Rancher Clothing because he was only just feeding his cows straw in the pen not that long ago, now he’s riding to MacFarlane’s Ranch to go to the General Store to buy some chicken seed for feeding his chickens and hens which he bought at the Manzanita Trading Post not so long after he killed Edgar Ross down at the Mexican Border; the man who gunned down John Marston, Jack’s father. Jack remembered that he hadn’t seen Bonnie MacFarlane since his father once took him …

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  • AJ1776

    Ok, so a few day ago, I was playing with Chuparosa. I got bored and started a fist fight near the Cantina. Pretty soon, a crowd gathered up around me, some even sided with my opponets.

    After a few minutes, the fight went to the other entrance on the cantina (on the left side.) Now, this is where the interesting thing happened. Out of the cantina, I saw Landon Ricketts! At first he seemed to be cheering along with the crowd, but then he actually JOINED the fight. Not against me though, but against me opponets! I was super surprised, but also rather excited!

    Anyway, long story short. A gunfight began (it was started by Cornelius Wolfe) and I saw Landon run away.

    Intersting, huh? Btw, this happened inbetween the missions Lucky in Love and The Me…

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  • JackFrost23

    Well-known cheat ComeAtMeBrah (a.k.a. LordPittsburgh, among others) apparently thinks so, and has posted this vid to prove it:

    This video and the text in the description (on YouTube) uses what's called 'framing'. It's a technique by which a charlatan tries to limit the details given to the audience in order to get them to sympathize with his story. His blocking me from commenting on the video is not only further proof of this technique being employed, but the only reason I'm posting a lengthy response here instead of on his YouTube page.

    I mean, just look at this video: it has poor, widdle CumAllOverMyFaceBrah, with a KDR of 17/15, having to camp on the hill to defend his bag from the mean ol' modder Hypnotic Coin. Boo-hoo-hoo, right?

    With on…

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  • JustsomeGuy50

    Should be fun to jump back into it from the start 

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  • XxGunSlingerXx

    The glass bottle shattered. Drunken men cheered for him. Women clapped. Children tried to get a glimpse. They tried to see a man they had only heard of through whispers. Ol' Larry Jenkins has done it again. Shot the top of the bottle clean off. He chuckles at it and sheathes his pistol. The people shake their heads in amazement as he walks by. He climbs back on his stead and is off! This end of an era for Ol' Larry Jenkins. The Sixty-Six year old outlas has prooved his final point to the community. But how did he get here. Well it all started September 15, 1860. A soon to be historic figure is born. He lived a rough life. Growing up in Macfarlenes Ranch he was exposed to a lot of violence and crime. Those Bollard Twins ruled the county. Sh…

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  • Martonz4

    Dangerous Seagulls

    August 8, 2013 by Martonz4

    i killed a seagull on the roof beside (right) the tailor in blackwater and when i took its feathers it put me here LOL!

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  • Theultimatesorafan

    Alright so, I am having problem with Red Dead Redemption's muliplayer. This has never happened before but, recently, I have trouble staying connected. "You were removed your session due connection issues other players". Players keep on lagging and teleporting to places. I lag a lot when I get into towns (doesn't do this in singleplayer). Sometimes, I can't auto aim on players or enemy npcs. I get stuck at the load screen a lot too. I play on Xbox 360 also. 

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  • Zendaya178

    the new gilr

    August 2, 2013 by Zendaya178

    i think red dead redemption multiplayr should have more girl characters i think so becuasee im a girl who plays re dead redemption so why not make more characters i mean really.

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  • AJ1776

    So this morning, I was surfing Youtube when I found this.

    Apparently, the CEO of Take Two interactive felt that the Red Dead series has the potential to become a permanent franchise, similar to the James Bond series.

    If the franchis is to return, then it might be one of the next generation games that Take Two has in developement.

    Read the full article here:

    I know this question has been asked before, but what do u think/want this sequel will be about? Personally, I don't want it to be about Jack after he killed Ross, I want something new. However, I would tolerate a prequel to John Marston's early life and gang days OR a game in between John's abandonement of the gang and th…

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  • John marston jr.jack


    July 27, 2013 by John marston jr.jack

    to hunt in re dead redemtion i prefer  the buffulo rifle and the high powerd pistol easy ways to huntin  Red Dead Redemption.

    first get some bait. the run some where after you use the bait. then go to dead eye when you see the animal. then shoot. if there is a group of animals take out the high powerd pistol.

    if your logged in cowboy ittl help you get thoses achevments or trophyes

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  • Crazycaveman

    I've been working on Master Hunter Challenge 6 and was having a little trouble finding my last fox and raccoon. Finally found a fox by Riley's Charge, so I went to Odd Fellow's Rest to find the last raccoon in the cemetery. Unfortunately, all I found were rabbits, armadillo, and coyote. Then I read that raccoon spawn right outside of Armadillo and could have kicked myself. Instead, I kicked my horse and hightailed it from Odd Fellow's Rest to Armadillo. As I came over the hill out of the little ravine just east of the cemetery, something darted out right in front of me from behind a bush, leaving me no choice but to trample it. "Hold on," I thought, "let me check that out before moving on..." Sure enough. I had trampled the final raccoon I…

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  • HomelyBarrel

    New Red Dead Game

    July 12, 2013 by HomelyBarrel

    I have talked to a lot of people who have said they are getting tired of the same old place, characters, and mounts. What do you think?

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  • Macke1170


    July 1, 2013 by Macke1170


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  • Dkbrown

    New red dead game

    June 28, 2013 by Dkbrown

    Some people speculate that a new red dead game is in the works and is set to release next year. Has anybody heard anything about this?

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  • Rdrbandito55

    Bandito back on a other myth hunt.  This time we take on 2 myths. The first myth is the Lady vampire, some people say that supposedly they see a vampire lady killing and sucking someone's blood.  The s second one is the "Kinship of Blood" a group of vampires that some people claim to see sacrificing people and drinking thier blood. Let the light of truth shine on these myths.

    •  Both only come out at night.
    • According to people the Lady Vampire can be seen at 3 places the swamps near Thieves' Landing, The shurbland  near Armadillo, and by the river that separates U.S. from Mexico.
    • When found both will be drinking random npc blood or sacrficing 

    To be completely honest I did not take this myth serious at all because of all the infromation was diffe…

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  • Scouttrooper gator lerner

    who is the hot lady on the right side of the wiki background pic with the scar on her left eye i have been trying to find out who she is. 

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  • Scouttrooper gator lerner

    im a big fan of Billy The Kid and red dead.

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  • Queyh

    Not exacty what happened. XD Here's the link:

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  • Queyh

    Howdy, fellow editors. After a long hiatus from posting anything here on my blog, I am finally back, and I bring with me a very interesting in-depth piece I found surfing the web about what Rob Wiethoff's life has been like after he voiced John Marston in RDR. I personally found it quite captivating and well-written. If you're interested, here's the link: Enjoy.

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  • Tristar1c

    Trian Crash

    June 16, 2013 by Tristar1c

    I wish the trains would hit each other. Shot the engineer on one train at a fork in the RR and waited for the the next train but it stoped before they hit..

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  • Rulertoner

    Magical floating gun

    June 15, 2013 by Rulertoner

    When i was playing "And the truth will set you free" i shot dutch with an explosive rifle when i was chasing him and his gun was talking and floating and dutch was nowhere to be seen.

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  • TheBaumDiggity

    I was excited back when they released the Myths and Mavericks DLC, I thought they would have included Landon Ricketts in the Redemption characters, but now I see why they released him later as part of the Revolution character set. After having the new DLC for a day or so I started to feel miffed. Why did they leave Archer Fordham out of all the chracter sets? He was personally one of my favorite characters, and he played as big of a role in the story as Jonah, if not bigger. Then, after talking to a group of friends and some followers on tumblr, I started creating potential character sets to send in as a suggestion to Rockstar. I had a lot of support for some of them, the most popular one being the Strangers set, which included:

    D.S. Mackenna ("…

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