• TheToughGuy

    Hi, I'm TheToughGuy. I'm new on here, but not new to the Red Dead series. I've been playing Red Dead Redemption since 2011 and I find both Red Dead Redemption and Undead Nightmare very good. I love the story for both of them. I've seen a walkthrough for Red Dead Revolver and I fine it pretty cool as well. Not a compelling story like Redemption, but it was good as well. I'm hoping that Rockstar continues the series in the future and I'm hoping that we all get along or something.

    Man, I sound pretty stupid, don't I? Oh well. :}

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  • 2ks4

    Rockstar is hosting another six-hour Social Club event covering all of their current games on Saturday May 25 from 12:00 - 18:00 EDT (17:00 - 23:00 BST). Unlike the previous such event where each game was played for about two hours, this time all five games will be played all six hours (in addition to Red Dead Redemption, GTA IV, Max Payne 3, Midnight Club Los Angeles, and Rockstar Table Tennis will be played).

    Triple XP will be active Friday through Monday for Red Dead Redemption and Max Payne 3.

    Rockstar Newswire posting

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  • AJ1776

    RDR Anniversary

    May 19, 2013 by AJ1776

    Happy 3rd anniversary of Red Dead Redemption being released into the world!! :D

    RDR forever!!!!

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  • 2ks4

    A short radio interview with Rob Wiethoff, the voice of John Marston, was just posted in association with his participation in the Port City Pop Con. What was especially interesting to me is that the interview was partially conducted by an actor in one of the funniest web series around, Doraleous and Associates.

    Rob Wiethoff interview

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  • TMG DemoDuck


    May 8, 2013 by TMG DemoDuck

    Hey all, I'm DemoDuck, one of the new guys around here. Anyway, I've recently taken a liking to Red Dead Redemption, and decided I'd come around to help fix up, add, and keep the peace on the wiki. I'm also known to fix small grammatical and punctuatory errors. It's one of my pet peeves.

    Anyway, I hope to see you all around!

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  • Rulertoner


    May 7, 2013 by Rulertoner
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  • Christian20a


    Can anyone tell me where i can find the wall painting in Chuparosa, the one with the skull smoking? 

    Its located on the left wall when you stand in front of the Poker tabel. 

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  • Tha Ghost Killer

    Which do think is the most dramatic or unexpected ending of Red Dead? Is it John's death (RDR), John's resurrection (Undead Nightmare) or Red's ending (Red Dead Revolver)?

    State your opinion.

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  • McPotato

    Sequel Enemies

    April 24, 2013 by McPotato

    If R* made a sequel, or prequel, which seems likely, I thought it would be kinda awesome if these guys were in the game...  

    Bald Knobbers! Apparently this was a real outlaw vigilante gang in the ozarks. Would be pretty badass if they were as psychopathic as the treasure hunters are now.  Would be especially cool in multiplayer. If a new game were to be a prequel, than these loveable guys would fit the time period just well.                                  

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  • VideoGameZombie

    It was a clear day in Blackwater. Landon Ricketts had ridden into town almost a week before. He and his friend, Louis, were having a drink in the Blackwater saloon. Minutes later, 5 men walked into town. Frank Mercer, Joseph Rolland, Keith Ramsey, Robert White, and David Smith. A man was standing in the street, with fear in his eyes. Ramsey pulled out a revolver from his holster, pulled back the hammer, then fired at the civilian, hitting him in the chest. Ricketts and his friend, heard the gunshot, along with screams of other civilians. The two ran outside. The 5 men saw Landon and Louis running outside. It was a standoff. Everyone kept their hand close to their gun. White, one of the outlaws, started moving his hand toward his revolver. …

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  • T95450

    Custom Badges

    April 19, 2013 by T95450

    How can I get custom badges like the 'Veteran' badge for Finnish wikis? --T95450 talk 16:22, April 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • K.G 971

    This is at this time the only editor working for both uptaded game and outdated game.

    Now we all now that because of modding, the game company encrypted the RDR game saves in their latest game update.
    Well, my editor work for them, it means I decrypted the save.
    Don't get me wrong, I didn't allow you to mod online features. No prestige, no gold guns etc... This is Offline modding folks, keep that in mind.

    ▶ In this video you will see:
    - Money mods
    - Bounty mods
    - Fame and Dishonor Mods
    - Inventory mods (rare horses (War Horse included), essantials items)
    - Weapons mods (unloked & max ammo)
    - All outfits unlocked (Deadly assassin included)

    Available for retail PS3 and Xbox 360 for all saves, for any title updates. Meaning you can mod your own saves.

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  • LS11sVaultBoy


    March 30, 2013 by LS11sVaultBoy

    Hey there. Is there anyone who would like me to join their Posse? I'm Level 45 and rising and I am a pretty good shot. I play Red Dead Redemption on Xbox 360 and I have Xbox Live. Add me: NaS HUNT3R.

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  • LS11sVaultBoy

    Interesting things

    March 27, 2013 by LS11sVaultBoy

    Hi there. I'm LS11sVaultBoy and I have been playing Red Dead Redemption since it's release. I have covered most of the game but now I would like to know, what interesting things are there in RDR? These could be funny things to find or Easter Eggs. Please comment on what you recommend I look for.

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  • Beatbot26

    red dead mosly dead

    March 25, 2013 by Beatbot26

    i still play red dead but not is much but my name in :DeathRun26: just hook me up

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  • GunBoiYolo225


    March 17, 2013 by GunBoiYolo225

    K2DaG09 is a Playstation Network player well known as being the greatest player of Red Dead Redemption. It is arguable whether he is the greatest on both XBOX Live and Playstation Network, though it is unknown if he has ever played XBL, he is the greatest Red Dead PSN player. He is the leader of the APEX clan with a supossed number of 150+ members worldwide. K2DaG09 has defeated the likes of notorious clans and some leaders as The Outlaws, Mexican Locos, The Unforgiven, Gringos Locos, LEGEND clan and many others across Red Dead Redemption. Kosta12345678 is his number two, the duo and main one of their clan challenged Rockstar official devs to a 2vs8 in which the two were victorious as the devs backed out. On their recent outing, Rockstar w…

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  • RedDeadStories

    We were through our first day of their travel's. We were stopping for the night in Macfarlene's Ranch. Bonnie Macfarlene let the kid's sleep their for the night. Bonnie said when they entered, "I know it's not what your used to kid's but it will sustain you for the next five hour's." Jessica said, "Are you kidding me Miss Macfarlene! This place is great!" Bonnie smiled at her and said, "Why thank you!" Jessica went upstair's to the guest room while Bonnie offered me some tea. I took my shoe's off and sat on the couch. She put the tea on the coffee table and sat down in the other couch. "So Jonah, what happened over in Blackwater. I hear your father killed your mother and cousin what happened to him?" Jonah looked at her and said, "I killed…

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  • RedDeadStories

    When Jessica and I got to Blackwater, we went to the Blackwater Jail. A couple of Lawmen met us there as they were gearing up to help us in the shootout. They holstered their gun's and cared for us. One of the deputies asked, "Do you have any relative's nearby that you can stay with?" Jess said, "No, all of our relaive's went up to the Northeast to live the modern life." But then I thought of one of our adopted Uncle's named Jose Escuela. I looked at Jess and she looked at me. We must have both been thinking of the same thing, because when I raised my eyebrow's she gasped. "No Jonah I'm not moving to Chuparosa." The deputy looked at me and said, "You have a relative down in Chuparosa son?" I said in response, "Yes, our Uncle Jose. He is a …

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  • RedDeadStories

    My name is Jonah Jackson. I was born in 1890. I grew up with a deadbeat outlaw father and a hardworking mother. My childhood from the time when I was six to twelve year's old was wretched. My father always came home drunk from the saloon. My mother cooked all three meals a day. I wasn't all alone though. I had a younger sister. She was three year's younger than me. Her name was Jessica but people usually called her Jess. We went to a one room school near Blackwater. Were going to start this story from age sixteen. I was moving block's of hay into the cellar before the storm. My sister and my cousin Allen were moving the cow's into the barn along with the horses. My mother was moving harested crop's into the cellar. When my mother and I fin…

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  • RedDeadStories

    Javier woke up at 4:30 AM. He went out to the back of the town to throw some of the horses water on his face. He went back to his home which was behind the bar and put on his Mexican Army Cargo pants and belt. He pulled on his light orange under shirt and his opened Mexican Army Jacket. When he walked out again he grabbed his hat and walked to the Sherifs Office. When he got their, he suddenlly heard, "Amigo! Amigo! We need your help!" He saw a wounded Mexican Soldier walk over to him. "What is it senor?" Javier said.  "We were ambushed in Noasalida they shot them all. All of them are dead or will be dead. We must hurry!" Javier ran into the Sherif's Office and through the two soldier's in their each a Winchester. They both almost dropped …

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  • RedDeadStories

    Javier  lassoed the goat and pulled it out of danger. The men he came with put the goat in the stagecoach and drove off.  He wiped the stinging sweat off his head. He picked up his Winchester and walked back to Chuparosa. It was 6:23 PM, The sherif Pablo, assigned Javier to patrol the town for any criminal or rebel activity. Javier walked around th bar scoping the men and women. He then heard shot's go off. "Javier! Javier" he heard. Javier said, "Hold on senor!" He picked up his riflle and ran out to see a protest against Mexican Government. They started shooting farm animal's to damage their income. Javier shot the head off one of the speaker's and hid behind the poker table. His deputy friend Victor through dynamite over the wall to the…

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  • Marco A

    Changes in my Wiki

    March 5, 2013 by Marco A

    New cover on my wiki. I'm making changes in my wiki but unfortunately, I have to ask this community is lagging and why, I have no editors. I'm changing the cover itself, which is still under construction. To this, we add to the funds that change every 10 minutes I made earlier. Well, leave the link in case anyone wants to comment.

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    Can any Rangers can come up with new ideas, thoughts, opinions? Post them here!

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  • Unheardmoss0

    strange things are afoot

    February 27, 2013 by Unheardmoss0

    so i heard that if you go to tall trees at midnight in red dead  that you can find a random bear on fire strange but i saw it wiht my own eyes

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  • Soupman5

    Horse Breed

    February 19, 2013 by Soupman5

    Favorite horse breed...?

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  • BunniChiWah


    February 10, 2013 by BunniChiWah

    A new DLC would be nice.

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    recruiting members

    February 9, 2013 by AMERICANARMY

    recruiting is going easily

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  • SLyfoX999

    Red Dead Revolution?

    February 3, 2013 by SLyfoX999

    Hey so I have been hearing lately (maybe a little later than most) about a sequel to Red Dead Redemption named Red Dead Revolution. I would LOVE to see this but I have questions (For a knowlegable person of the series); who, when, where? I know I leaft a few out but they didn't make sence. So Yeah If you have ANY info it would be much appreciated if you could let me know (unless it's classified)! SLyfoX999 (talk) 20:29, February 3, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Omega pirate 1

    Myth Resolutions

    January 24, 2013 by Omega pirate 1

        I have read many websites and watched a couple investigations on Youtube, but really none of them showed hard evidence that the thing they were looking for was real, so, has anyone really experianced the paranormal. Give me your opinions, do you really think there is a werewolf in Tall Trees, a ghost in Tumbleweed mansion, and a Pheonix below Las Hermenas. 

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  • Wildcowboy

    I need some help

    January 23, 2013 by Wildcowboy

    How do you delete the blogs that you made?

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  • Ratchetrex

    Custom Game Mods on RDR?

    January 19, 2013 by Ratchetrex

    Hey People,I will Create a Event On Free roam,But not in this month(in february/10:my birthday),anyone else that wants to join the event just send me a message or write in the comment section Below...

    a event in gta 4 ,but now is RDR,just use a marshal skin,chose the outlaw and start.

    • Rules

    -from blackwater to armadillo

    -or escalera to fort mercer

    -15 seconds to outlaw run

    -cop guns:only cattleman revolvers,sniper rifles and Fire bottles

    -shot the outlaw horse

    -outlaw wins if:out of cops minimap,all cops die or arrive in place without being busted -outlaw guns:volcanic pistol,dynamite and repeaters ==please add other events in the comment section below.==

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  • Nation of Domination

    Come check out the newest group roaming the Red Dead Redemption map. Help us get it going strong.

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  • Austinrule

    Well, aside from Ollie's experience, I too encountered the supernatural. This one, however; was more serene and tranquil.  The location: Silent Stead. 

    North of Tumbleweed and northeast of Cuevaseca is a stretch of land beneath the mountainside called "Silent Stead". An abandoned house sits decaying in the hot, intense heat. A neglected bed, shelf, table with chairs, dresser, and fireplace are left. This dwelling has no story and is not gossiped about by anyone. Well, there is a story, and I am going to tell it to you. Enjoy. 

    The year, 1865. A man, Herald Bashton, builds a house underneath the mountainside. A few months go by, and the house is finally complete. His hands are bloody and bruised. He loses so much weight that others think he i…

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  • Ratchetrex

    Please help me out,I need Some Friends To Boost Golden Guns IN RDR,Iam Legend 1, LVL 23,If can help me,put your gamertag in the comment section below,or Send me a Message,Remenber i'll Help  Too...Ratchetrex (talk) 15:56, January 18, 2013 (UTC)


    • Use Las Hermanas,Because its a Tiny Map
    • Dont kill me,let me Kill you until the time ends
    • After that Lets go to Free roam and Start a Event,kkkk
    • Remenber The Rules
    • The Prize For Doing That:I'll teach a glitch in 'las hermanas'


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  • Here2help:)

    IM BACK!!

    January 16, 2013 by Here2help:)

    OKKK RDR wiki your helper has returned, but I must say this place has seemed to drop in popularity, not many frequent edits or full chat rooms, so for now, for a record, whos still here?

    if you are there, then please check out these pages, lets bring back the old days of 2012 :)))))

    This one :))This one :))

    and this one :))and this one :))

    Happy helpinggg!! :))))

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  • Wolverinedaken

    The Future

    January 13, 2013 by Wolverinedaken

    Hello Guys,

    This is my first blog post so be nice.

    I am wondering what ideas and thoughts you would like to see in the next Red Dead Game.

    Do you want there to be another game?

    Would you like it to be a disc game or a DLC game?

    What sort of missions would you like to see?

    Would you like to see the same characters and would you like it set in the same era?

    Comment on what you think guys!!


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  • Nation of Domination

    I just created a new posse on Red Dead and I need some people to help me run it. Come check out the wiki and if you're interested, message my main account at Marshall1288 or my posse account at NoD_ROCK.

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  • DayofAnger

    Django Unchained

    January 4, 2013 by DayofAnger

    So what did everyone think of Django Unchained?

    I loved it; I've seen it twice already. Aside from having a great story and being Tarantino's most socially relevant film, it's also a lot of fun to spot the references to and things inspired by other westerns and blaxploitation movies. The music was perfect, the humor was perfect, the acting was perfect (I'm gonna call it and say Leo gets the Oscar); pretty much everything was spot on. And the shootout! Oh my God, if you've seen it you know the one I'm talking about. That has to be one of the best gunfights I've ever seen on film.

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  • Wildcowboy

    As some may know by now that the first RDR game has been added to the Psn store under PS2 CLASSICS! Aslo some may know that Red Dead Revolver wiki page(s) are lacking some info for others about the game. Myself and maybe others will help the wiki pages for RDR 1, but are you going to help us finish what we started or let it be?

    It's up to you!

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  • Jim Logan

    RDR:Game Review

    December 30, 2012 by Jim Logan

    Ladies and gentlemen, welcome to the very FIRST Livewire Logan video game review, which is RED DEAD REDEMPTION! This game, was probably the SECOND open world game I played on my PS3, and maybe the 15th game overall I ever played on the PS3. Now first, this game is great, I highly recommend it. The voice acting is great, the story is awesome, the variety of enemies, although short, have a lot of banter with Marston. The variety of weapons, unlockable and DLC is great, such as the Explosive Rifle. The costumes that are unlockable and the DLC ones are just epic, my favorite outfit ever, is the Deadly Assassin outfit. The main character John Marston, is by-far my favorite Rockstar-branded protagonist, and he reminds me of John Wayne or the guy…

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  • Irish Gentleman

    This machinima series uses Red Dead Redemption for animation, but it's story is not tied to the game in any way. The Restless West follows Jame Irwin, a Sheriff of a small settlement out west, in his struggle to fight the horrors that terrorize the beautiful land. Sheriff Irwin is not some hero from an epic Greek poem. Instead he is a desperate man haunted by painful memories of the past.

    12/29/12 - The first episode is nearing completion and will be released on youtube, as well as this wiki page. Stay tuned.

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  • Rdrbandito55

    Hey guys I'm back and if you dont know me well its because I havent played rdr or been on this wiki in almost a year. 

    On part 4 of bandito and myths we investigate the skin walker. Definition of skin walker: a native american with the power to change into a animal at any time. lets find the true form of this myth.

    This supposed skin walker is said to roam around tall trees and nekoti rock. a lone native american who cant be killed and seems to transform into animal. 

    It is said the also he is the maker of the painting mystery site and he can be seen thier too                                                                                                                                           …

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  • AJ1776

    Hello everybody

    December 23, 2012 by AJ1776

    Hey guys,

    As u know, I have not been active on this wiki, so, I just wanna see whats been up with u guys...

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  • Blaff 60

    RDR is coming out on the PSN as a classic game. So, let's contribute for the Red Dead Revolver articles! Red Dead Revolver is very bare and thereof, lack of information to supply our fellow readers and editors in this wiki compared to the articles of Red Dead Redemption. I'm not forcing everyone to contribute but at least have a heart to make/supply/cleanup the articles of Red Dead Revolver. Cheers and Merry Christmas to all!

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  • 2ks4

    Red Dead Revolver now on PSN

    December 19, 2012 by 2ks4

    Rockstar Games announced today (link below) that Red Dead Revolver is now available for purchase as a downloadable "PS2 Classic" from the PlayStation Store, along with two other PS2-era Rockstar games (Bully and Midnight Club 3). Each title is $9.99 in the U.S. store. For those outside the U.S., check your local PlayStation Store for pricing.

    As a "PS2 Classic", the title will be exactly as it was on the PS2, meaning no graphical improvements, trophy support, etc. This is still a great opportunity for PS3 owners to check out the predecessor to Red Dead Redemption (and to contribute to the wiki along the way, right?).

    Rockstar press release

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  • Dingo Man

    After making sure that the bartender was ok and that Richard and his men were gone, the trio sat down in the saloon and began drinking, talking about their two targets. "Who is that British bastard that keeps rearing his ugly head?" John asked. "I reckon that's Richard Barnacle. He's Matteo Taccardi's second in command. He's smart, but he's delusional, and he isn't much of a fighter." Welch said. "Who's Matteo Taccardi?" John asked. Owen answered, "An immigrant from Italy. He runs the biggest, most powerful gang in the territory. He his also ruthless and doesn't much like people challenging his authority, so we need to be cautious". "Wait, wait wait," John said, "Why does he let this guy run around and act like he is a king if he hates peo…

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  • Dingo Man

    Owen, John, and Welch arrived in the town early the next day. They had stopped off at a man named Frank Pleasance's shack to spend the night. When they arrived, they saw the huge convoy outside again and Owen said to Welch "Stay in the wagon under these blankets. We'll take the wagon into the livery and you can hide there". Welch covered up under a pile of torn up blankets and Owen began to try and ride around the town to the livery. "Shit." Owen muttered to himself. "What, what's wrong!" Welch said frantically. "They got men out behind the saloon. Stay down and shut up." The guards began walking toward the wagon when John rode up ahead of Owen. "Lovely day, isn't it fellas?" John said, trying to distract the guards. "I reckon, but we need…

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  • Dingo Man

    As their wagon climbed the rocky hills up to Rattle Snake Hollow, Welch asked the duo "So why do want this Edward guy dead so much"? "It's Elijah, and let's just say he did something unforgivable to us in the past," Owen answered, "that's all you need to know and nothing more". Welch nodded to him once and began cleaning his Colt Dragoon. "Isn't that gun a little dated partner"? Paul asked. "Maybe, but it holds six shots, it's reliable, and it's a God damn hand cannon! It'll take a man's horse right out from under him with a single shot and then some". "I reckon it's cause it was designed to do just that." Owen said sarcastically. The trio chuckled at the comment and were nearing the Hollow. "I reckon we just go in shooting then?" Welch as…

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  • Dingo Man

    Owen and John pulled the Peacemakers out of their boots and sprinted to the back. John flung open the door and yelled at the top of his lungs, "ELIJAH BENSON! TODAY IS-" but the poker table had been flipped over and the window was smashed to peices. Two men were picking up the cards on the ground when Owen asked, "What happened to Elijah"? "Well, he heard the gunshot and thought someone came to kill him, so he flipped the card table over and jumped out the window." the older of the two men said, bursting into laughter. "Shit!" John exclaimed, "we just missed our chance"! "Do either of you two men know where Elijah lives?" Owen inquired. "I reckon he don't got a home, just lives in some old wagon up near Rattle Snake Hollow. Got nothin' but…

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  • Dingo Man

    Before the convoy pulled up, they could see Elijah nervously scurrying into the bar, looking left and right. "There"! John said in an enthusiastic whisper. The convoy stopped infront of the saloon and one of the men got off his horse, put a bugle up to his lips and played the most atrocious fanfare one could hear. "No No No you blithering idiot!" yelled a posh British accent from inside the  center stage coach, "like this!" there was a pause; "WELL SOMEONE OPEN THE BLOODY DOOR"! Three men hurried to the stagecoach, opened the door, and helped out a very short, plump man with bushy, long hair down to his shoulders. He was very well dressed, wearing the finest clothes seen in the territory. Two armed men got out of the stagecoach with him an…

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