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The Bloody Tom Gang is a gang featured in Red Dead Revolver.


The Bloody Tom Gang was a gang founded and led by Bloody Tom with Greg "Big Oaf" Whitney and his son George "Loaf" Whitney serving as his two henchmen. The gang was very small and operated in Twin Rocks where they stole money and belongings from traveling merchants, including "Curly" Shaw.

Red Dead Revolver

When Red Harlow arrives at the Twin Rocks, some of Tom's boys started some trouble with him and the traveling merchant, "Curly" Shaw. This drew the attention of the rest of Tom's gang as they pulled out their revolvers and rifles. However, Red easily fought them off. As a result, Greg "Big Oaf" Whitney, his son George and even "Bloody" Tom himself made the scene. Tom and Greg attacked Red but were quickly defeated. George, who had been hiding behind the shacks, tried to jump out at the end of the fight and finish off Red himself but he was shot and killed as well, thus ending "Bloody" Tom and his gang. Shortly after, Tom and his boys were brought to Widow's Patch in the merchants cart as corpses so Red could collect their bounties.


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