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"Bluewater" John is a secondary character in Red Dead Online.



Prior to 1898, "Bluewater" John was part of a gang based in Lemoyne. At some point, the gang borrowed a sizable amount of money from Guido Martelli, a powerful mobster serving Angelo Bronte's Mob. Afterward, John would be left for dead by his fellow gang members during a robbery. He would decide to leave the gang and to become a singer and guitarist.

Events of Red Dead Online

In 1898, Guido Martelli hires the protagonist to recover the gang's debt money. The player finds "Bluewater" John singing in Lemoyne, they threaten him and John tells the protagonist to check his guitar where the money is hidden.

Later, "Bluewater" John is singing one of his songs at a farm but encounters the protagonist once again. John leads the protagonist to Bluewater Marsh and shows them a chest containing a map of the debt money location. Bluewater John subsequently goes into the swamp singing while strumming his guitar. In his song, he alludes to having sold his soul to the devil.

Missions Appearances

The Bluewater Contract


  • "Bluewater" John appears to be heavily inspired by Robert Johnson, a musician who lived during the early-20th century. A popular myth surrounding him was that he had sold his soul to the devil in exchange for acquiring his skills on the guitar, which is referenced through one of the songs he performs.