Bluewater Marsh is a constituent region of the Lemoyne territory in Red Dead Redemption 2.


This small region is an auxiliary part of Bayou Nwa. It is bordered by the Kamassa River to the west, Roanoke Ridge to the north, Bayou Nwa to the south and Lannahechee River to the east. It is the smallest region within the five American territories.

Similarly to the bayou, traversing the area can be slow due to the massive deposits of silt and mud flowing from the river. To avoid this, some of the roadways are elevated on boardwalks. This keeps travelers dry and moving quickly.

Its notable feature is the large muddy plain near the shores of Lannahechee River, which is home to certain animals and birds such as turtles, cranes, and herons. There is a noticeable lack of hardwood trees and mangroves found in the marshlands.

Bluewater Marsh is based on the many wetlands and marshes in southern Louisiana, such as the Atchafalaya Basin.

Locations in Bluewater Marsh

Native Plants



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