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Bob Crawfish is a character featured in Red Dead Online.



Prior to 1898, Crawfish became an outlaw and eventually ended up leading his own gang.

Events of Red Dead Online

Clinton Arnsdale commissions the protagonists to capture Crawfish and his gang, due to the local law enforcement led by Sheriff Malloy refusing to track them down.

Upon being directed to Limpany, the players are able to tie Crawfish and three of his gang members up and bring them to Bard's Crossing, where Arnsdale orderes them to lay the outlaws on the train tracks. Clinton accuses them of having stolen valuables from him. Crawfish reveals that Clinton's sister had hired them and that what they had taken is located in the basement of her house.

Arnsdale then pays the players and requests them to leave the gang on the tracks. The players then have to decide wether to follow the instructions or to untie Crawfish's gang.



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