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Robert "Bob" Crawford III[1] is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Bob Crawford Jr. lives with his father at Carmody Dell.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

In order for them to prove themselves to him, Seamus asks Hosea and Arthur to steal a stolen stagecoach owned by Bob Crawford Sr.

If the robbery is done at day: Hosea puts on an elaborate distraction for Crawford and his father, allowing Arthur to sneak into the house and steal valuables, before going on to steal the stagecoach itself. During the operation, Crawford Jr. hears some noise, at which point he and his father realize that they have been robbed.
If the robbery is done at night: Bob Crawford Jr. is seen sleeping in his room. Arthur works on stealing valuables from his house, while Hosea works on stealing the stagecoach. After finishing in the house, Arthur goes to Hosea and the two escape with the stagecoach. The two manage to stay undetected.

After the events of the robbery, Bob Crawford Jr. decides to leave his father and the ranch.

Mission appearances

Red Dead Redemption 2


  • Both Bob Crawford Jr. and his father can be killed, against the wishes of Seamus. Doing so will decrease the player's Honor.
  • He only appears during the mission and cannot be encountered afterward.
  • If the player returns to Carmody Dell and encounters Bob Crawford Sr., the latter will become hostile and tell them to get off the property. If defused, Crawford will tell the player that he is being cautious because someone has robbed him and that his son has left him.
  • In the mission "The Spines of America", if the player alerts Crawford during the night approach. He will alert his father and will use a Cattleman Revolver to attack the player.



  1. While talking to Hosea Matthews, Bob Crawford Jr. states that his full name is Robert Crawford III, revealing his father's full name to be Robert Crawford II.