For the Red Dead Redemption variant, see Bolt Action Rifle.

The Bolt Action Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The B.D. & Co. Bolt Action is a strong and versatile rifle, built to perform in any environment. The bolt-action mechanism allows for quick firing and reloading, making this rifle an ideal choice for long-range combat with multiple targets. This gun has an ammo capacity of five rounds, and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive rifle ammo.


  • This rifle is provided during "Preaching Forgiveness as He Went". It is then available from all gunsmiths after the mission.
  • The rifle can be obtained in the mission "The First Shall Be Last" by killing a bounty hunter.[1]
    • Arthur and Javier will silently kill two Bounty Hunters when Trelawny provides a distraction. Then, Javier and Arthur will begin to proceed up the valley towards the Bounty Hunter camp. The first two Bounty Hunters in this valley - especially the one on the left of the other Bounty Hunter carries and drops the Bolt Action Rifle if you kill him first. The player must kill him, not just wound or otherwise alert the pair to your presence as he will swap it out for a Carbine Repeater and will not drop the Bolt Action Rifle upon death.
  • It can also be obtained through Sheriff Curtis Malloy, who will sometimes have the rifle equipped if the player is getting shot at by a local citizen in Valentine or if they become wanted by the law.
  • The rifle can sometimes be found on lawmen during public executions in Valentine and Saint Denis.
  • In Online, this rifle is available for purchase at all gunsmiths.


  • This weapon is based on the real world Krag-Jørgensen.
    • Unlike in real life, the Bolt Action Rifle is not used by US Army Soldiers in-game despite the Krag being the standard service rifle of the US Army from 1892 to 1903. It is only used by the US Soldiers guarding the train in “Our Best Selves” story mission
    • Unlike the Red Dead Redemption version, which is incorrectly shown being reloaded with charger clips, this version is more accurately reloaded one round at a time through the side-mounted loading gate, the Krag being generally incompatible with charger clips, except a few rare experimental guns (The Norwegian Krags were able to use indigenous enblock clips).
  • With a scope attached, this rifle becomes a good substitute for the Carcano Rifle.
  • A custom version of this weapon is frequently used by Bill Williamson, with it appearing in a different color varnish and browned steel.
  • This weapon can also be acquired from armed guards attending a hanging in Saint Denis.



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