For the Red Dead Redemption variant, see Bolt Action Rifle.

The Bolt Action Rifle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.


The B.D. & Co. Bolt Action is a strong and versatile rifle, built to perform in any environment. The bolt-action mechanism allows for quick firing and reloading, making this rifle an ideal choice for long-range combat with multiple targets. This gun has an ammo capacity of five rounds, and can use Regular, High Velocity, Split Point, Express and Explosive rifle ammo.


  • This rifle is provided during "Preaching Forgiveness as He Went". It is then available from all gunsmiths after the mission.
  • The rifle occasionally appears in "The First Shall Be Last".
  • It can also be obtained through Sheriff Curtis Malloy, who will sometimes have the rifle equipped if the player is getting shot at by a local citizen in Valentine or if they become wanted by the law.
  • In Online, this rifle is available for purchase at all gunsmiths.


  • This weapon is based on the real world Krag-Jørgensen.
    • Unlike in real life, the Bolt Action Rifle is not used by US Army Soldiers in-game despite the Krag being the standard service rifle of the US Army from 1892 to 1903.
    • Unlike the Red Dead Redemption version, which is incorrectly shown being reloaded with charger clips, this version is more accurately reloaded one round at a time through the side-mounted loading gate, the Krag being generally incompatible with charger clips, except a few rare experimental guns (The Norwegian Krags were able to use indigenous enblock clips).
  • With a scope attached, this rifle becomes a good substitute for the Carcano Rifle.
  • A custom version of this weapon is frequently used by Bill Williamson, with it appearing in a different color varnish and browned steel.
  • This weapon can also be acquired from armed guards attending a hanging in Saint Denis.



RDR2- RDR2 The First Shall Be Last (Bolt Action rifle)

RDR2- RDR2 The First Shall Be Last (Bolt Action rifle)


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