Bonzo is an unlockable mount in the multiplayer mode of Red Dead Redemption.


Bonzo is similar in appearance to the bulls found on ranches throughout the single-player campaign, but is notably faster. Bonzo has a surprisingly good speed but cannot jump to hurdle obstacles like horses can. Like all legendary mounts in multiplayer, Bonzo is not susceptible to off-road traction loss and can travel at the same rate off-road as on road.


Bonzo is first unlocked upon reaching the multiplayer level of 50. Each time a player passes into Legend, Bonzo needs to be unlocked again, but this occurs at a progressively lower rank with each tier of Legend.


  • Even when Bonzo is chosen as the player's mount, the bull may still charge the player while dismounted.
  • Bonzo is slower than the American Standardbred, but his speed is unaffected off-road. He also has slightly more health than the Standardbred.
  • Bonzo appears to be a Hereford bull, a fairly popular and docile breed of beef cattle, though it is not docile in game.


  • PS3Logo - The bull's hoof noises are occasionally muffled or missing when riding over terrain that would normally produce a full hoof sound. This tends to happen after being in a Free Roam session for an extended period of time (does not tend to happen at the beginning of a session).


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