Boom Bait
Rdr biographies lies05 - boom bait
Power Very High
Range Medium
Rate of Fire Low
Reload Speed n/a
Ammo Capacity 10

Boom Bait is a weapon found in the Red Dead Redemption Undead Nightmare DLC pack.


Boom Bait is a combination of Undead Bait and Dynamite, which can be used to draw the Undead to a central location, and then blow them all up.


  • The player can then build their own Boom Bait by selecting "Build: Boom Bait" from the kit. This process will require and consume one Dynamite and one Undead Bait.


  • The tonic inside the bottles glows a bright acid green.
  • Boom Bait can be shot to make it explode instantly.
  • If the bottle directly hits a person, it will kill them instantly.
  • Boom Bait cannot be used in Multiplayer.
  • Boom bait has a significantly longer fuse than normal dynamite.
  • Boom Bait, Holy Water and Undead Bait are the only Thrown Weapons that are not available in normal Multiplayer.
  • If Boom Bait is thrown on an incline, the Dynamite may roll away from the cloud of bait.


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