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Boots are a part of clothing that can be worn by the player in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online.



Name Price (in $) Description
Plated Quickdraw Boots N/A Double Stitched Plated Quickdraw Boots. A roper shaped toe. hand tooled scalloped and nickel silver plated shaft boots. Exquisitely detailed for exquisite men.
Plated Rambler Boots N/A N/A
Preacher's Boots N/A Men's cowhide and cotton Preacher's Boots. Top grain leather, double stitched, brushed cotton tufted. Straight top. Solid and serviceable. For spreading the good word.
Preacher's Pride Boots N/A Men's double stitched Preacher's Pride Boots. Roper shaped toe. Machine sewed, low heels, half double soles. Solid and well-made unlike many things these days.
Quickdraw Boots N/A Hand tooled and custom stitched Quickdraw Boots. We cannot hesitate to warrant this boot to satisfy in the way that only a good pair of boots can.
Rambler Boots N/A N/A
Relentless Boots N/A Relentless Boots. Square shaped toe featuring hand tooled and stitched. Alligator skin and premium French calf leather.
Riding Boots N/A Men's Riding Boots. Top grain leather. Fowler shaped toe, stovepipe shaft. Pegged, half double sole, warranted.
Sleeked Riding Boots N/A Men's Riding Boots. Sleeked calfskin. Fowler shaped toe, stovepipe shaft. Solid counters and inner soles. A first-class calf boot at low class prices.
Sportman's Boots N/A Men's lace up Sportman's Boots. Reinforced fowler shaped toe. Lace up riding boots. Medium weight sole. Welt bottoms, lace instep. Easy on the foot and very neat. A great favorite.
Tornado Boots N/A Men's genuine leather and canvas Tornado Boots. Square toe, canvas scalloped shaft, machine sewed, half double soles and low heels.
Wingtip Gaiters N/A Men's Wingtip Gaiters. Double stitched, wingtip congress, oil grain, machine sewed. Made form solid leather. Will give excellent wear.
Workman's Boots N/A Workman's Boots. Canvas shaft, durable fowler shaped toe. Cowhide and cotton. Strong and heavy. Warranted.
Worn Roper Boots N/A N/A
Old West Boots N/A Stitched pointed and scalloped Old West Boots. Genuine calf skin. Point shaped toe, pull-up bootstraps useful for similes, metaphors and generational comparisons.
Hunting Fowler Boots N/A Men's Hunting Fowler Boots. Made from and extra fine selection of premium calfskin. Fowler shaped toe, wide stovepipe shaft. Warranted.
Grinder Boots N/A Studded genuine calf skin Grinder Boots. Premium point shaped toe, scalloped shaft boots featuring custom stitching and studding. Not clumsy in appearance. Conveys a certain stature.
Deluxe Relentless Boots N/A Deluxe Relentless Boots with fancy steel toes. Fine tooling throughout. A fancy boot. A great many of our customers will have nothing else.
Deluxe Quickdraw Boots N/A Hand tooled Deluxe Quickdraw Boots. The choicest stock, assembled by craftsmen boot makers. Roper shaped toe. This is a strictly solid pair of boots with nothing shoddy used in the making.
Classic Roper Boots N/A Classic Roper Boots with a roper shaped toe, scalloped shaft. Whole stock, close fitting and unclumsy. A thoroughly reliable boot for little money.
Cavalry Boots N/A Elegant Cavalry Boots. Roper shaped toe, dark full grain leather. For a fine, durable boot that harkens back to your cavalry days, do not dally in procuring a pair.
Button Low Shoes N/A Men's machine sewed calf Button Low Shoes. High quality, oiled leather, rubber welt. All solid.
Classic Preacher's Boots N/A Classic Preacher's Boots. Tan grain leather. Hand stitched fancy leg uppers. Fowler shaped toe. As near to waterproof as can be obtained.
English Preacher's Boots N/A English Preacher's Boots. Oak English grain leather. Fowler shaped toe. Durable, fine for all occasions, especially revivals.


  • Many descriptions have numerous grammatical errors. Most likely due to the time at which the game takes place.
  • Prices may increase and decrease depending on your honor level.
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