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Border Bridge is a location in Red Dead Revolver.


The Border Bridge is a wooden bridge that crosses a river between the United States and Mexico. The bridge is located just south of Bear Mountain. The bridge was the scene of a battle between General Diego's forces and the American Army during the war.


After Sheriff Bartlett learns Red Harlow's identity, he tells Red the story of how his father Nate was betrayed during the war. The player assumes control of General Diego during the mission "The Traitor", which serves as a flashback to those events and which takes place at the Border Bridge.

During the mission the player must first try to defend the bridge against American forces, but eventually must destroy the bridge to prevent the American forces from advancing across it.


The bridge crosses a river in the base of a valley with fortifications on either side. The narrow span is only wide enough for a single stagecoach or wagon to cross and spans approximately fifty feet of river.

Mission Appearances

Showdown Mode

"The Bridge" is available as a stage in Showdown Mode where it bears the description "Contested structure." The player can unlock this stage by completing the mission "The Traitor" with a Good rating.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Border Bridge is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 314 - 315 under the Frontier Places section. The pages are unlocked by completing the mission "The Traitor".


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