The Borrachón is a minor character in Red Dead Redemption.


He appears to be the town drunk of Chuparosa.


He is present when Landon Ricketts teaches John Marston how to use Level 3 Dead Eye. Marston must shoot three bottles within a second, marking all of them in Dead Eye. The Borrachón is slumped against the wall beside the bottles and occasionally takes a swig from his bottle. If John happens to fail at shooting all three bottles in one Dead Eye meter, the drunk will laugh and shout insulting phrases in Spanish.

Mission Appearances


  • While shooting the bottles for the first time in Level Three Dead-Eye, it is also possible to shoot the bottle that the Borrachón is holding, invoking surprised reactions from him. He would then pull another bottle, if the player is to shoot that one as well, the Borrachón will pull an endless supply of bottles out of his pocket.
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