You may also be looking for Fire Bottle, a weapon in Red Dead Revolver and Red Dead Redemption, or the Whiskey Bottle or Ornate Bottle, items in Red Dead Revolver.

The Bottle is a weapon featured in Red Dead Revolver.


The Bottle is simply a beer bottle that can be broken and used as a melee weapon or thrown as a ranged weapon. Bottles can not be purchased from a store and are only available during one story mode mission and within Showdown Mode.


Bottles are available during the mission "Saloon Fight". When Red loses his guns during a brawl, bottles are the only weapon he can use besides his own fists. Red starts with just a couple, but new bottles appear throughout the mission and can be picked up.

By using the melee button (circle on PS2 or B on Xbox), the player can slash nearby enemies with a broken bottle. By targeting a distant enemy and using the fire button (R1 on PS2 or Right Trigger on Xbox), the player can throw a bottle.

Showdown Mode

In Showdown Mode, some characters are able to generate a set of bottles as their special ability. These include Udo Kang and Sheriff O'Grady. Bottles are also acquired randomly through collecting blue weapon cards. Red cards may award bottles with special powers such as Ice Bottles, which freeze enemies for a short time.

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