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Bounty Hunter Mode is an unlockable game mode in Red Dead Revolver.


After completing the Red Dead Revolver story mode on normal difficulty (the first play-through), Bounty Hunter Mode is unlocked and can be selected from the Story menu. After selecting the mode, the player can flip through the book of story missions and play a single mission at a time to earn money and to complete special challenges. Not all missions are available in Bounty Hunter mode (the list of available missions is shown below). Unavailable missions, as well as the "Brimstone" pages are skipped over as the player navigates the book. Once a challenge is completed, the mission page will be stamped "Completed" as a reminder.


The following missions/challenges are available in Bounty Hunter Mode. Completion of the challenges rewards the player with Showdown Mode characters, showdown stages, or cheats, as listed in the table. If a challenge condition is failed mid-way through a mission, the mission will immediately stop and the player will be given an option to restart or quit.

Mission Challenge Reward
Bull's Eye Shoot all enemies only in the head! Falling Star showdown character
Bounty Hunter Clear the level without being hit. Curly Shaw showdown character
Ugly Streetfight Complete the level without hitting the sheriff. Twiggy Phelps showdown character
Railroaded Defeat Hoss within two minutes! Sheriff Bartlett showdown character
Carnival Life Get a combo for over $500 and defeat Pig Josh. Fidgit showdown character
Freak Show Kill Atlas and get a combo for over $300. Perry showdown character
Rogue Valley Find the three treasures. Sidney "Sissy" Fess showdown character
Ghost Town Complete the level in four minutes! Gordon "Dig" Fowler showdown character
Range War Get a combo for over $200. Smitty showdown character
Saloon Fight Keep all three girls alive. Natalie showdown character
The Traitor Keep at least two charge setters alive. Fallen Creek showdown stage
Sunset Canyon Steal a horse without being spotted. Sunset Canyon showdown stage
Bear Mountain Get to the source of the river without alerting the patrolling guards. Grizzly showdown character
The Mine Complete the level in three minutes! Sad Stars cheat
Stagecoach Kill 40 enemies. No HUD cheat
Fort Diego Get a combo for over $300. Bite the Bullet cheat
End of the Line Get a combo for over $200. No Distortion cheat
Battle Finale Kill all of the pedestrians in one minute. Infinite Deadeye cheat
Siege Complete the level with Jack's health at over 50%. Golden Gun cheat
Fall from Grace Complete the level in one minute! Invincibility cheat

Video Walkthrough

Red Dead Revolver - Bounty Hunter Walkthrough -Out For Blood Trophy-

Red Dead Revolver - Bounty Hunter Walkthrough -Out For Blood Trophy-

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