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The Bow is a weapon featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and Red Dead Online. The bow cannot be customized and its condition cannot degrade.


In single-player, the weapon is provided at the beginning of "The Aftermath of Genesis".

In Red Dead Online, the bow is available for purchase at any Gunsmith or through the Catalogue for $124.00 once the player reaches Rank 10.


The bow is a ranged weapon capable of shooting arrows. It is an effective weapon for careful hunting, as the arrows' damage against animals allows the player to preserve their organs and valuables in a better condition in comparison to firearms. Furthermore, the bow allows the player the option of being silent when entering heavily fortified bases and features a variety of arrows that suit most needs.


  • Improved Arrows: A more damaging version of the regular arrow. They must be crafted and are very useful against both large and massive game.
  • Small Game Arrows: A craftable arrow type that is used to cause less damage to an animal. Primarily used for hunting small game where a regular arrow would cause too much damage. Well-placed shots with these arrows can be used against some medium game as well. In Red Dead Online, the pamphlet to craft these arrows can be bought at a Fence.
  • Poison Arrow: A craftable arrow type coated in poison. One hit to an animal's vital area and the poison will quickly kill the animal. They are very effective against larger game as they cause heavy (and usually fatal) damage without damaging pelts. They can be used against humans as well. The pamphlet to craft these arrows can be bought at a Fence.
  • Fire Arrow: A craftable arrow designed to set grass, wood, or long-range targets on fire. They are not useful for hunting but are good for humans. The pamphlet to craft these arrows can be bought at a Fence.
  • Dynamite Arrow: A craftable arrow with a light stick of Dynamite tied to it. Dynamite arrows are an excellent source of long-range damage while being able to remain hidden. They are very useful against Legendary Animals since their pelts can't be damaged, attacking hostile caravans, or attacking large groups of enemies. The pamphlet to craft these arrows can be bought at a Fence.


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