Bray Aberdeen is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2 and a stranger in Red Dead Online.



Bray Aberdeen is a pig farmer who lives with his sister, Tammy in their childhood home: the Aberdeen Pig Farm. He and his sister have an incestuous relationship.

Events of Red Dead Online

The protagonist can encounter Bray and Tammy at the Aberdeen Pig Farm, where they will converse about some people they wanted dead.

Afterwards, Bray and Tammy can offer thefts, paid killings and coach holdup missions to the player.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Bray is seen sitting on a chair on the porch of his home. When he sees the player, he immediately stands up and welcomes the player with open arms, before requesting that the player comes in to have dinner with he and his sister. The player politely declines, but Bray insists and continues to persuade the player to eat with them. If the player enters the home, Bray sits down at the table and asks that the player checks on his sister, who is upstairs getting ready.

If the player sits and eats with the two, they eventually offer the protagonist an alcoholic beverage, insisting that they need to loosen up and relax. If the player accepts, they will pass out only a few seconds later. Once this is done, Bray and Tammy steal the player's money.

Afterwards, the player wakes up in the middle of the surrounding forest in a ditch full of corpses. Henceforth, the player can return to the home, where they are met with shock and hostility from the siblings. After killing them, the player can retrieve their stolen money from a safe.



Bray is an obese, middle-aged man with a head of untidy brown hair. He wears nothing apart from dirty overalls.


  • It is impossible to hogtie Bray, as he will fight off the rope.
  • If the player continually spies on Tammy while she is getting ready, Bray will become hostile and attack the player.
  • It is heavily implied that that he and his sister murdered their mother. If Tammy is tied up and placed in the shallow grave, she starts to panic and cry, apologizing to her mother.
    • Additionally, in the house's bedroom, the player can find a bedside family picture depicting a boy, girl and their parents; the parents' eyes have been scratched out.
  • If the player kills Bray, Tammy flies into a rage and attacks the player with a knife. Likewise, if the player kills Tammy, Bray becomes enraged and shoots at the player with a rifle.
  • The player can encounter a camper, who mentions about that siblings and how they offered him dinner.


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