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The Breton is a horse breed in Red Dead Online.


The Breton is a multi-class horse breed, with characteristics that make them suitable for racing and combat. This breed is strong and muscular.

The breed can be unlocked for 1 role token after leveling up in the Bounty Hunter Role. After unlocking the breed, the horses retail from $150.00 to $950.00.

Catalogue Description[]

The Breton is a powerful breed and an instant favorite amongst horse enthusiasts. The name derives from the Bretagne region of France where they were bred for thousands of years. Standing around 16 hands high, Breton horses were ridden by the Celts, who were tribes of Gauls, Gaels, Galatians that drank out of goblets and sent messages attached to birds. They are a bulky, heavyset breed capable of draft work, but they are also used as war horses due to their gait and disposition.

Coat Styles[]

Coat Base Value (in $) Health Stamina Speed Acceleration Source
Red Roan 150.00 4 5 4 2 Stables
Sorrel 150.00 4 5 4 2 Stables
Grullo Dun 550.00 5 6 5 3 Stables
Seal Brown 550.00 5 6 5 3 Stables
Mealy Dapple 950.00 6 7 6 4 Stables
Steel Grey 950.00 6 7 6 4 Stables


  • An unused Mealy Chestnut horse uses the Breton model, however, the horse is referred to as a Belgian Draft in-game.


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Red Dead Online Horses - Breton Overview