Brimstone is a large town in Red Dead Revolver.


Brimstone is the largest town in Red Dead Revolver and the capital of Mississippi territory in the game. As the capital, it is the location of the governor's mansion, a palatial structure that rivals the White House. Its proximity to the Bear Mountain Mine and that mine's affiliation with the governor ensure that a large quantity of gold makes its way through the town, much of it being spent in the saloon.

Each year the Battle Royale dueling competition takes place in Brimstone, attracting quickdraw specialists from all around. Local lawman Sheriff Bartlett officiates the event and generally attempts to keep the peace in an area that's rife with thugs, gangs, and corruption. 


Brimstone features as a rest area between gameplay missions, where players have the opportunity to purchase weapons, acquire quests, and interact with NPCs. The player first enters Brimstone after completing the mission "Railroaded". There are four subsequent opportunities to wander the streets and shops, with the last visit being before the mission "Battle Royale".

Mission appearances

Besides the free roaming opportunities between missions, several missions begin, end, or take place within Brimstone (this list excludes missions at the mansion, which are covered on the article Governor Griffon's Mansion):


Armería de brimstone
At the intersection of Pine Avenue and 2nd Street is the Gun Shop of Brimstone, where the player can buy new weapons. Useful for missions or items needed for unlocking multiplayer modes or pages of Sheriff Bartlett's Journal.
Almacen general de brimostone
General Store
Located on main street, the General Store is the only store that is open. It is just left of the barbershop (permanently closed) and directly opposite the Bank.
Saloon de brimstone
Located on 2nd Street, next to the offices of Sheriff Bartlett, the Saloon is undoubtedly the largest building in the city. On the ground floor, it has a long bar to serve alcohol and a large room with several tables for travelers to drink and play. On the upper level, there are bedrooms and a bathroom, not only useful for relaxation, but also to play with the girls in the lounge.
Sastre de brimstone
Located at the intersection of Main Street and 2nd Street, the Tailor is in a white building on the left, the one with the sign on the door with the name of the intersecting streets. Inside, the store is full of clothes and fabrics, with one counter at the back.
Banco de brimstone
Located on the main street, the Bank is directly opposite the General Store. On four different occasions, the player is able to reach the office of Peabody, director of the bank, to interact with him. The player can buy the titles of to different places that have been visited or interacted with.
Oficina del Sheriff Barlett
Sheriff's Office
Located on the main street, just right down the street and next to the Saloon is the Sheriff's Office. It is the location where the player starts the mission after being in free mode in Brimstone. After entering, the player can not return until the next time they are in Brimstone.

Sheriff Bartlett's Journal

Brimstone is listed in Sheriff Bartlett's Journal on pages 300 - 301 under the Frontier Places section. The pages are unlocked by starting the chapter "Carnival Life".


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