Brother Dorkins is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption 2.



Dorkins is a monk who campaigns his cause to the populace of Saint Denis.

Events of Red Dead Redemption 2

Arthur first encounters Dorkins when he approaches Arthur and asks for donations to the church. He will go on to ask him to rescue a group of children being held captive by the fence, a request which Arthur accepts. Arthur goes into the fence's house, and forces him to show him to the children. After seeing the awful conditions the children are facing, he releases them and brings them back to Brother Dorkins. Dorkins will then offer to pay him money to the donation basket, which he can accept or decline.

The next time Arthur sees Dorkins, is when he introduces him to Sister Calderón, who needs Arthur's help retrieving her stolen crucifix. Dorkins will remain with Calderón until Arthur returns to her.

Mission Appearances


  • According to Sister Calderón, he often talks about his willingness to travel the world as a missionary.
  • Despite his desire to traverse the vastness of the world in order to spread the word of God, it is Sister Calderón who receives the task of working as a missionary.
  • Brother Dorkins Quests cannot be completed past a certain point in the story.

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