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Two bruisers

Bruiser is a zombie in Undead Nightmare. If the bruiser does not notice the player it will act and move as a normal zombie. However, once it sees the player it will attempt to charge him. This charge attack is the bruiser's main attack, quickly sprinting towards Marston. If the bruiser succeeds, the player will take minor damage and get knocked to the ground. This is not such a big deal if the player is facing just a few zombies, but it is possible to be killed if a swarm of zombies surrounds you.

Bruisers are relatively easy to kill, as they point their heads at you when they charge. Try to lock on to the head as they're running towards you. Shotguns are recommended for this, but any weapon will work.

Although it seems easy enough to get a head shot, you could possibly lose a lot of ammo in the process because they are quite tough. A torch often manages to stop and kill bruisers faster and can also save you countless amounts of ammo.


  • Bruisers are deceptively quick, but can still be easily sidestepped if you see them coming in time.
  • The first 'mini-boss' the player faces in the DLC is a Bruiser-class undead, Mordecai Robbard.
  • Interestingly, the last mini-boss, Reyes, is also a Bruiser.
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