Well, if it ain't big bad John Marston.

Bud Sullivan greeting the player with high Fame

Bud Sullivan is a minor character featured in Red Dead Redemption.


Bud appears to be a dock worker in Thieves' Landing and Blackwater.


Bud can be encountered all over Thieves' Landing doing a variety of odd jobs.


Touch me again and we’ll see what happens.
Bud Sullivan when bumped.
Put down that peashooter before you hurt someone.
Bud Sullivan when threatened.
You’re going to look pretty silly with a knife up your ass.
Bud Sullivan when insulted.
Shut your lip!
Bud Sullivan responding to a conversation.
What you doin' around here?
Bud Sullivan greeting someone
Bold talk
Bud Sullivan during a conversation
I'm leavin'.
Bud Sullivan ending a conversation
Big shipment of you know what is coming in tomorrow.
Bud Sullivan conversing with others.
They say it's gonna rain hard tomorrow.
Bud Sullivan conversing with others.


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