Take Buell for me, would you? He's a good horse. He may be stubborn... but he's strong.
Hamish Sinclair in The Veteran IV

Buell is the horse of Hamish Sinclair in Red Dead Redemption 2. Hamish mentions he named Buell after his commander in the army. It can be first encountered in the Stranger side-mission "The Veteran".


Buell is first encountered in the "The Veteran Part I". Hamish Sinclair informs the player that his horse, Buell, had bucked him off and that his wooden leg became tangled in the stirrup, leaving him unable to walk. The player retrieves Buell from nearby and leads him back to Hamish, who is thankful. He rides away, and tells the player to come and see him sometime.

In "The Veteran Part IV", Hamish Sinclair is mortally wounded by a giant boar on a hunting trip. He tells the player to take Buell for themselves, before dying.


  • It is likely Buell was named after either real-life civil war commander Don Carlos Buell or George P. Buell
  • After Hamish Sinclair's death, if the player mounts Buell, the player will earn Honor.
  • In development he was meant to be a dark shade of brown.
  • Buell's name can't be changed in the services option.
  • If the player happens to get bucked off their horse during one of Hamish Sinclair's side-missions, Hamish will jokingly say that this happens frequently with him and Buell too.
  • If the player wishes to keep Buell after the story, they must complete Hamish's missions after Chapter 6.
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